Shri. L.Gopinath pursued his B.E in Mechanical Engineering.  In continuation of the project activities in heat transfer, he was awarded Young Engineering Research Fellowship at IISc in 2002.  He acquired M.Tech in Materials Science (Metallurgical and Materials Engineering) from NIT, Tiruchirappalli (2005).  His academic projects reaped industry benefits for the investigations done on Geometry stability during heat transfer in the processes and applications of steam generator, fins and continuous casting billets.  He worked as a teacher followed by, as a research fellow in ADA before joining CSIR-CMERI as junior scientist in 2006.  Associated with material processing in investment casting, he attempted works of ceramic foams using pre-cursor techniques.  After joining CCADD, CSIR-NAL in 2008, he is continuing with the responsibility as a Senior Scientist involving in CAD/CAM related activities for national important civil aircraft programmes.  Featured interests are in the areas of Computer Aided Designing, Product development and Design to Manufacture.  He endeavours in simplifying systematic procedures to attract products/process to applications.

Few of the completed technical assignments at CSIR-NAL to-date include:

  1. Surface generation (NMG) building of aerodynamic surfaces 19-seater aircraft
  2. Design and geometry for aerodynamic surfaces for modification in CNM5 aircraft
  3. CAD geometry cleaning for civil aircraft prototypes (used for CFD analysis)
  4. Fabrication and co-ordination of ENGINE MOUNT – YOKE RING sub-assembly for SARAS – expedited through a new route-common stage walking line assembly model
  5. Strip inspection of NLG landing gear at M/s. HAL for civil aircraft.
  6. Fabrication of aircraft components (mostly Al grade alloys) – 100 + components
  7. Research and development of best fit algorithms in measurement of regular geometries
  8. Thin wall machining: Winglet manufacturing: complex geometry to a trailing edge thinness up to 0.001 mm for a length of 250-300 mm.
  9. Study and research of plastic deformation during machining of thin walls.
  10. Research and development of surface creation of propellers

Fields of Interests

  1. Computer Aided Design and Modelling: Surface generation (NMG) building of aerodynamic surfaces, CAD geometry cleaning
  2. Research on processing of thin wall by metal cutting mechanism (Aluminium), Science of material removal

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