Precision composite specimen cutting machine

Precision composite specimen cutting machine

Coupon testing is a very important aspect of new material/process development which will finally lead to derivation of design allowables. The mechanical properties are very sensitive to specimen cutting and its preparation. Alignment of the fibres is very essential in the loading direction in the composite specimens. Misalignment of fibres by 1° can reduce the tensile strength by 15%. The specimens have to be prepared keeping required fibre direction to get proper test data. Apart from alignment, the edges of specimens have to be free from flaws. Rough surface may lead to local stress concentrations thereby reducing the mechanical strength.

The specimen cutting machine at ACD is capable of cutting the specimens with 50µm variation in the dimensions and 100 µm variation in the edge roughness. The specimen cutting machine can cut Glass, Carbon and Kevlar composite specimens up to 25mm thickness.


  • Maximum size of laminate: 500mm x 500mm

  • Thickness of laminate: 1mm to 20mm

  • Cutting speed max: 25mm/sec

  • Cutter speed: ≥2750 RPM


Last updated on : 22-03-2019 11:32:20am