Non-destructive Evaluation & Testing

Non-destructive Evaluation is the most critical activity in any composite development programme and its importance in aerospace activities is all the more critical. The role of NDE is not limited to just defect detection alone, but also extends towards refining/re-defining manufacturing processes and adding value to product development. NDE has a key role in ensuring quality and structural integrity thereby guaranteeing reliability and airworthiness of aircraft structures/components. This facility consists ultrasonic C-scan facilities capable of scanning components with doubly curved and complex contours of size up to 9 m x3 m x1.2 m, high resolution video scope, rapid scan linear array system with wheel probe, Digital Radiography, X-Ray Machine etc. capable of carrying out the  NDE inspection of composite structures.


Techniques applied in this facility:       

  • Ultrasonics – A-Scan, C-Scan, Air-coupled, Array Rapid Scan

  • X-ray Fluoroscopy

  • Infrared Thermography

  • Acoustic Emission

  • Automated Woodpecker

  • Videoscope


Major clients of this facility

Min. of Defense, HAL, TAML & a host of other private firms.

Air Coupled Ultrasonic system

Air Coupled Ultrasonic system

Rapid Scan Linear Array System

Video scope

Rapid Scan Linear Array System                                                   Video scope


 Ultrasound A scan









Digital Radio Graph X ray Machine

  Ultrasound A scan                                  Digital Radio Graph X ray Machine


Acoustic Emission

 Thermography                                                              Acoustic Emission

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