Model shop

EAD Model shop is a special purpose work shop for the fabrication of light weight high strength wind tunnel models and prototypes. The wind tunnel models as well the porotypes were fabricated using FRP and CFRP. Complex geometries like fighter aircraft, unmanned combat vehicle, aircraft landing gear, MAV/UAV and wind tunnel fan blades were fabricated in this model. In situ CMM measurement on the wing tunnel model in the tunnel and for the PSP applications.

Major clients of this facility

  1. The Boeing company, USA
  2. BrahMos Aerospace, India
  3. Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), DRDO, India
  4. Aeronautical Development Establishments (ADE), DRDO, India


Some of the notable activities carried out in the model shop are as follows:

  1. Fabrication of wind tunnel model Missile drop test on Sukhoi-30 MKI and Mirage 2000 scaled models.
  2. Fabrication of Boeing’s rudimentary landing gear using FRP
  3. Swept wing model fabrication for Relaminarization studies
  4. Fabrication of SARAS wing-flap model
  5. KSRTC bus model fabrication for drag reduction studies.
  6. DHVANI Target training system bar fabrication
  7. ABHIAS Target training system bar fabrication

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