0.5 m Base flow Tunnel

0.5 m Base flow facility is one of unique facility in the world which is used to study the afterbody nozzle flow studies. The model support interference on the measurements is completely eliminated in this facility.  This facility is capable of simulating the nozzle and freestream flows, so that the interaction of the exhaust jet with freestream can be studied.  The experimental capabilities of this facility include force steady and unsteady pressure measurements.  Flow visualisation studies such as Schlieren and oil flow studies can be carried out.



Test section 524 mm dia

Nozzle Variable geometry

Operation Intermittent blow down type

Mach number 0.5-4.0

Jet nozzle flows Upto 150 psi

Reynolds number range 10-50 million/m

Model support Nozzle inner body 127 dia

Test duration 30-90 sec

Controls and data acquisition PC based controls and Labview based data acquisition system

Flow diagnostics PIV, Schlieren, Background oriented schlieren (BOS), Oil flow viz..

Measurements Force measurements using strain gauge Balance(Annular Balance or flow through balance)

Research activities Afterbody studies of single and twinjet nozzle, Launch vehicle and missile afterbodies, Air-intake configurations, Aerospike nozzle.


Major clients of this facility

  1. ADA, Bangalore
  2. DRDL, Hyderabad
  3. VSSC, rivandrum

Some of the notable research activities carried out in the tunnel are as follows:

  1. Afterbody studies on LCA/AMCA model
  2. HSTDV SERN nozzle studies
  3. Base drag reduction studies on Missile and combat aircrafts
  4. Nozzle Flow studies

Freestream-Jet interaction studies on Launch vehicle model



Used Techniques are

Particle Image Velocimetry

pressure measurements

oil flow visualization


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