Balaraju J N Dr

Balaraju J N Dr

Dr Balaraju is working in the area of metal finishing and surface modification technologies. His fields of interest include development of hard, wear and corrosion resistant coatings for strategic applications.

His research spanning more than 20 years has resulted in the development of wear, corrosion and diffusion (under bump metallization) resistant nanocrystalline nickel alloys and composite coatings for automotive and microelectronic applications. He has significantly contributed towards the development of highly reflective sun shield mirrors for VHRR payload of INSAT 3D series of satellites. He is actively involved in the development of chromic acid-free anodized coatings and cadmium and chromate free trivalent chrome passivated Zn-Ni coatings for aircraft applications. He is also involved in the development of corrosion resistant coatings on magnesium alloys and electropolishing of NiTi alloys for biomedical applications. His recent area of interest is the development of adherent nanocrystalline nickel alloy coatings on unidirectionally woven carbon fiber fabric for microwave radar  applications.


Research Interest :

Surface Modification, metal finishing, electroless nickel alloys and composite coatings, chromic acid free anodized coatings, trivalent chrome passivated Zn-Ni coatings, electropolishing of NiTi alloys.

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