Balamurugan R

Balamurugan R

R Balamurugan is Principal Scientist in the Aerospace Software and Information Systems Division(ASISD), Council of Scientific & Industrial Research – National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore. He is a regular employee of CSIR-NAL since 1999. He holds a B.Sc Mathematics from University of Madras and a Master of Computer Application from University of Madras. His areas of specialization are analysis design and development of web based software and database management. The programming languages he has expertise are the following.

Front end: JAVA / JSP / Servlets / STRUTS / Javascript / HTML 5 / AJAX / Developer 2000 / PL-SQL

Back end: Oracle 10g, Oracle 12C

He has been instrumental in developing several applications for CSIR-NAL. Some of the important ones are highlighted below:

  1. AROGYA is a web based health care information system designed and developed at CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories for use at its Health Centre. AROGYA was developed to automate the whole process of diagnosis, prescription, inventory control and medical testing. It resolved several crippling problems faced by the Health Centre in the management and timely retrieval of medical data, and data access across geographically-separated campuses. This software is protected by copyright. To CSIR-NAL’s credit, AROGYA was taken as a role model in Digital Health Management and has been implemented across several CSIR  sister Laboratories across the country, namely:


  • Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun Health Center.
  • Central Food Technology Research Institute, Mysore Health Center.
  • Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai Health Center.
  • National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad Health Center.


  • ISRO Satellite Center, Bangalore Health Center


        AROGYA software was showcased at CSIR Technofest 2010 held at New Delhi under the theme health care pavilion and got a very good reputations from the chief guests and the public.

         AROGYA software has received CSIR Outstanding performance award.


  1. KHOJ is a web based on-line recruitment system, which has made CSIR-NAL’s recruitment process go completely online and bring in transparency. KHOJ automates the recruitment process of CSIR-NAL. It is divided into   four major activities and each activity treated has an independent module. The information flow is from one module to another in the following order


  • Hosting advertisement online.
  • Receiving candidate applications online.
  • Scrutiny
  • Screening – Short listing the candidates online.


  1. On-line services rendered in CSIR-NAL website


  • INAE 2017 On-line registration with on-line payment enabled.
  • NCSCSTASE-2018 website and on-line registration.
  • CFD Symposium Online Registration and abstract upload.
  • On-line registration for CSIR-NAL Industry Meet.
  • On-line registration for catering services at CSIR-NAL.
  • On-line Registration module for downloading tender documents.


  1. Software Development for other CSIR-NAL activities


  • Online material management for bonded stores and tool crib.
  • e-Tracking file management system for Knowledge and Technology Management Division.
  • Online system for maintenance of seminar and conference details.
  • Online application and screening process for National Civil Aircraft Development project.
  • Online Proposal for Participation of Private Establishment in National Civil Aircraft Development project.
  • Online proposal for awarding work packages and Salary details.
  • On-line proposal for awarding consultants.
  • Online registration for eye camp.
  • Online list of experts for CSIR RAB Board.
  • Live Stream Multicasting of unveiling of Golden Jubilee Mural on 22nd December 2009.


  1. Software Development for CSIR-NAL Administration and Upkeep


  • Database is designed and software was developed to draw various seven CPC arrears as and when required like Jan-2016 to Mar-2017 basic arrears, HAR & TA arrears and Level 13 revision arrears.
  • On-line 12BB Form for earnings and savings declaration.
  • Income Tax calculation software and Form 24Q filling.
  • On-line quarters application and priority list generation.
  • Overtime allowance, Professional Update allowance and Bonus bill generation software’s.

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