Balaji Sankar did his B Tech from Madras Institute of Technology in Aeronautical Engineering and Masters from AcSIR in Engineering of Flight Vehicles. He is currently pursuing PhD in the area of high speed rotors supported on Active Magnetic Bearings from IIT Madras.

Major area of research is on the design and development of active magnetic bearings for contactless support of rotors and the development of digital controllers for controlling these magnetic bearings. These magnetic bearings enable frictionless rotation of the shaft, eliminate lubrication system requirements and continuously monitor the rotor performance online. Parallel work is being done on test bed instrumentation and performance analysis of legacy gas turbine engines using in house tools. The performance models of gas turbines are validated with data collected from installed sensors on the ground test bed of the aircraft engines. These validated performance models are used in the life extension and health monitoring activities of these legacy engines.

Hobbies include table tennis and tinkering with house hold electronics.

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