Ashwin works in the field of jet aeroacoustics, Low-speed wind tunnel testing, flow diagnostics and flow control. His research work deals with development and application of experimental techniques to study both fundamental and applied fluid engineering problems.

His major focus in recent years has been on the application of wind tunnel testing for dynamic simulation of stores released from aircrafts. Such tests have been conducted for the first time in the country and proved very effective in determining safe separation of stores from aircrafts. Lately, he has also been involved in the use of passive devices to suppress the noise emanating from jet engine exhausts.

Apart from his research interests, he is also involved in the development of systems to determine the trajectory of projectiles and determine its final location. These find application in development of systems for marksmanship training.  His current research work deals with applying flow diagnostic techniques to understand sweeping jets for active flow control applications.


Research Interest

Passive noise suppression techniques, dynamic simulation of stores separation in wind tunnels, non-intrusive flow diagnostic techniques.

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