Dr. Aruna’s research interests are in the area of nanomaterials synthesis, ceramic processing, plasma spray coatings and fabrication of high temperature electrochemical devices. She is well versed in the design and development of plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings and coatings for bio-medical and wear resistant applications. Her work on electrodeposited nanocomposite coatings has been focused on using novel particles to develop economically viable coatings with improved corrosion and tribological properties. Her notable contribution to society includes the development of cloud seeding material and prototype particle burner assembly for ground based cloud seeding systems. Recently, she and her team have developed industry adoptable tapecasting technology for the preparation of ceramic substrates for microelectronic integrated circuits and green ceramic tapes for high temperature co-fired ceramic (HTCC) substrates to be adopted in space electronics. This strategically important technology is currently on the course of technology transfer to a renowned ceramic industry in the country. Her team has also successfully developed prototype oxygen sensor for pilot life support system. She is the pioneer of the concept of mixture of fuels approach and synthesis of plasma sprayable powders by solution combustion method. Her other contributions in various disciplines include development of high emissivity paint coatings, solar selective black paint coating, superhydrophobic coatings and sol-gel based coating for catalytic cracking of endothermic fuels. She has also established low cost chemical tracers to study the flow phenomenon in pulsejet engines.  


Research  Interests :


Plasma sprayed functional coatings, nanomaterials, ceramic processing, high temperature solid state devices, shape memory polymers and metal finishing

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