Mr. Arun Kumar graduated B.E. (Aeronautical Engineering) from Madras Institute of Technology in 2008 and M.Tech (Engineering of Aerospace Structures) from AcSIR in 2011 and subsequently joined CSIR-NAL. He has vast experience in the areas of aeroelasticity, fluid-structure interaction, store separation analysis and transonic flutter analysis. His research areas include uncertainty quantification in aeroelasticity using robust control theories and flutter prediction techniques using high-fidelity CFD approaches.

He has been involved in various national level projects such as Store release studies on Mirage 2000 aircraft, Transonic flutter computation of Jaguar and LCA AF Mk 2 aircrafts and Whirl flutter studies on engine propeller system of SARAS PT1N aircraft and HTT40 Trainer aircraft. He is currently involved in the structural load estimation on SARAS Mk II aircraft and robust flutter analysis of LCA.

He is also an assistant faculty conducting part of the courses on “Research methodology” and “Computer programming for research” for ACSIR students.

He has received NAL’s Excellence award in the field of “Technology” for the year 2021 and the recipient of the group awards “CSIR Technology Award (2019)” and “NAL Technology Shield Award (2019)”.

He has about 15 publications in international and national conferences. He has also published various technical and project documents for R&D and strategic programs.


Techniques they are working on

  • Fluid structure interaction analysis techniques
  • Store separation analysis techniques
  • Robust flutter prediction techniques


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