Archana Hebbar’s research interests include flight simulations, pilot workload assessment and Human machine interface design. Her research is primarily dedicated towards studies on identifying qualitative and quantitative approaches to be taken during the design and evaluation of cockpit displays; methodologies for evaluation of the cockpit display systems through piloted simulation experiments; pilot workload measurement methodologies and feasibility studies on voice activated cockpit. She has also developed a human pilot’s functional state model that helps to create better understanding of pilot’s control actions. A key element of her research is to develop a simulation platform for conducting human factor studies. She has also developed algorithms for analyzing changes in pilot’s control strategy. More recently, she has set up a state of the art head and eye tracking system that can help in analyzing information regarding pilot’s scan path, mean fixations, dwell time in the areas of interest and pilot fatigue. The setup is validated through pilot in the loop simulations.


She has also been contributing towards the design and development of FMCD’s aircraft flight simulator facilities such as Distributed Engineer in the Loop simulator, SARAS flight training device, Reconfigurable design flight simulator, AMCA basic flight simulator, desktop flight simulator and the ASTE ground simulator for handling qualities studies. Her main contributions with regard to simulators are design of software architecture, design and development of instructor station & user interfaces, development of an online plotting software, aircraft electrical system modeling and load analysis studies.


Research interests

Flight simulations; User interface design; Aviation Human Factors; Pilot Performance; pilot vehicle interaction.

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