Anju Sharma is a Scientist at NTAF, NAL. She has done her Masters in Aerospace Engineering with specialization in Dynamics & Control. She belongs to the Instrumentation & Controls Group. Her areas of work include:

  • Development and implementation of data acquisition and processing system for Wind Tunnel test applications.

  • Complete Instrumentation and data acquisition of  scaled models of launch vehicles, aircraft and missiles Aerolastic models, Air Intake models, etc., during the wind tunnel testing.

  • Development of Data Reduction Program for Dynamic Derivative Measurements using Free Oscillation Technique

  • Development of the Electronics and Instrumentation for an autoloader used for balance calibration in 1.2m tunnel.

  • Development of PC based closed loop control system for stepper motor to control the exit area of an isolated intake model.

  • Refurbishment of Captive Trajectory System (CTS)

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