Abanti Nag Dr

Abanti Nag Dr

Abanti Nag is a Principal Scientist in the Materials Science Division at CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories (CSIR-NAL), Bangalore. She obtained PhD in Materials Science from Indian Institute of Science in 2005. Subsequently, she did Post-doctoral work at University of Munich (LMU), Germany before joining at CSIR-NAL. She has worked on tridymite alumino-silicate/borate/titanate based luminescence materials for display devices, metal-organic lanthanide-carbon-nitrides for phosphor-converted-white LEDs and perovskite/rutile oxides for relaxor ferroelectric applications. At CSIR-NAL, she has initiated the R&D activities towards development of high temperature oxide based thermoelectric materials and devices for aircraft exhaust energy harvesting and sensor application for gas turbine engine. She is also involved in the development of ferrite-epoxy composite as radar absorbing materials for stealth application and non-oxide materials as functional ceramics.


Research Interests


Crystal structure-physical properties correlation, thermoelectric materials and devices, radar absorbing materials, non-oxide ceramics

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