Dr Sudesh Kumar Kashyap is presently working as a principal scientist at Flight mechanics and control division of CSIR-NAL, Bangalore. He was key member of various projects sponsored by different DRDO labs for the design, development and evaluation of advanced algorithms for multi-sensor multi-target tracking and fusion for air defence applications such as Real Time Flight Safety Expert System (RTFLEX) and RF Seekers based tracking of homing target. His core expertise is in the area of Kalman filtering, multi-sensor data fusion, gating and data association and tracking of targets with evasive maneuvers. He has also contributed to develop a concept proving Fuzzy-Bayesian based expert system to assist the pilot by providing enhanced situational awareness and threat levels in Beyond visual range (BVR) air-to-air combat scenarios.


He other important contribution is a consistent effort for a decade towards the development of Enhanced and Synthetic Vision System (ESVS) for the regional transport aircraft (RTA). This vision based technology provides enhanced situational awareness of external world to pilot perspective in poor or degraded visual environment such as fog during taxi, take-off and landing operations. He has developed a ground based facility “ESVS Flight Simulator” to carry out research on ESVS and evaluation of flight data. His other contributions are INS-GPS fusion for attitude estimation of UAVs, development of symbology for Head-up display for RTA, trajectory estimation of stores of fighter aircraft and enhancement of target height estimation accuracy using various ground based 2D/RD radars for Indian Air Force.


Research Interest


Linear/Non-Linear Filtering, Multi-Sensor Data fusion, INS-GPS Integration, Vision Based Technology, Artificial Intelligence Based Systems



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