My research activities are primarily connected to the development of generic Flight Simulator (Civil/Military). I carried out the following activities towards the development of generic flight simulator.

  • Developed the Black-kite MAV, Sly bird MAV and AMCA (Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft) 6 degree of freedom model in MATLAB Simulink platform.
  • Developed and integrated the AMCA hydraulic system in AMCA Flight Simulator. It helps in actuator sizing study.
  • Validated the strike counter algorithm for various sensors used in the SARAS AFCS (Automatic Flight Control System).
  • Generated the Flight Mechanics Parameter to assess the handling quality of SARAS & AMCA.
  • Participated in evaluation and testing of acceptance test procedure (ATP) in engineering test station (ETS) for certification process of SARAS autopilot software.

Carried out implementation of Consensus Seeking Cooperative mission in HILS (Hardware in Loop Simulation during M.Tech at IIT, Bombay


Research Interest

My research interest is in the area of integrated vehicle health monitoring (IVHM) for aircraft flight control perspective.

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