Lathasree’s research is concerned with flight mechanics and control, particularly for fixed wing aircraft. She has significantly contributed towards aerodynamic and engine database management, flight dynamic and sub-system modelling for fighter and transport aircraft which are crucial for the development flight simulators.


As part of research in Air Traffic Management, she has carried out modeling, simulation and analysis for major Indian airports. Delay and capacity studies, air traffic controller workload estimation and prediction of noise in the vicinity of airports are the major outcomes of this analysis.


A key element of her research, spanning more than 20 years, is the development of computationally efficient framework for the synthesis of flight controller for fixed wing fighter aircraft that leads to a reduction in time and effort of the flight controller design cycle. This approach consists of two parts. First part deals with employing efficient numerical techniques for computational flight dynamics and real time implementation in flight simulators wherever applicable. Second part is the development of a novel design approach for the quick synthesis of full envelope baseline flight controller. At present, working the similarity based stability and control clearance for the new stores integrated on to frontline fighter aircraft of Indian Air Force.


Her research areas of interest are flight simulation, flight control and Air Traffic Management Simulation. She has five journal papers and 10 conference papers.

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