GMR sensor chip from CSIR-NAL


On the innovative technology front, CSIR-NAL has taken initiative in development of magnetic field sensor based on Giant magnetoresistive (GMR) technology in the year 2010.  The objective of this initiative was to develop a low cost magnetic field sensing chip as a “Make in India” product.  In 2014, CSIR NAL was the first to develop a chip (MRA 1426) with unique features, like, high thermal stability, high sensitivity and low hysteresis. The “CSIR-NAL’s MRA 1427” magnetic sensor utilizes Giant magneto-resistive (GMR) technology, where highly sensitive unshielded GMR elements are configured in a form of single Wheatstone bridge. Further through LHF project, CSIR–NAL has developed a speed sensor module (NAL GSTM-14xx), which is certified by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), Pune.This GMR sensor chip has wide applications particularly as speed sensor, current sensor, flow sensor, angle sensor, displacement sensor, anti-brake systems, pressure sensor in automobile and allied fields.

Foreseeing the potential applications of this technology in different sectors,M/s Jayashree Electron Pvt. Ltd, Pune (Pioneers in Automation & Control Products for Speed, Position & Power) has shown keen interest in commercializing the product and signed the agreement with CSIR-NAL on November 30, 2017 to deploy 1,00,000 units of sensor chip for various applications. Under this agreement, CSIR-NAL will provide “NAL MRA1427 GMR sensor chip” for deployment and field evaluation and thereafter transfer non- exclusive license for process/know-how to M/s Jayashree on mutually agreed terms and conditions for the manufacture of GMR sensor chip for various sensor applications. 

Last updated on : 17-09-2020 05:57:17pm