Real Time Implementation of Computer Vision Algorithms


Pradeep Kumar M & Lokesha H, Real Time Implementation of Computer Vision Algorithms on  Beagle board, IOSR Journal of VLSI and Signal Processing, India, April 2014, Volume 4, Issue 2, PP 01- 06, ISSN 2319 – 4197




The exact reconstruction and restoration of perceived image and its properties such as shape, illumination are the severe problem in an image processing field. This problem can be successfully overcome through efficient computer vision algorithm. This paper presents an attempt to implement image processing algorithm on embedded hardware provided by low cost processor from Texas Instruments (TI). In this approach, it is planned to study the feasibility of using a low cost microcontroller board in Computer Vision application. In this approach the computer vision algorithm is often implemented by using a low cost Microcontroller like Beagle Board. Beagle Board is an Open Multimedia Application Platform (OMAP), System on Chip Processor which includes ARM Cortex-A8 core of Texas Instruments designed C64X+ Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with On-board Graphics engine of Dual Data Rate Random Access Memory (DDRAM).


Keywords: Real-time image processing, Computer Vision, Sobel edge detection, Median filter.