Distributed Engineer in Loop Simulator Facility for LCA

Distributed Engineer in Loop Simulator Facility for LCA





The Distributed Engineer-in-the-Loop Simulator (DELS) is being used extensively by National Control Law (CLAW) team for the development and evaluation of the LCA Control Laws for air force and navy variants, Aircraft Pilot Crew and Modelling and Identification Group of FMCD.  All the test points for flight data gathering for PID studies are simulated initially by actually flying or through computer generated inputs. The facility was also used for defining parameter excursion boundaries useful for safe flight monitoring during PID maneuver execution. The COTS dedicated PCs are used for flight model, instructor station, real-time plotting and re-configurable button box functions. These PCs are connected through Giga Bit Ethernet Switch.



  • Actual pilot controls  with mock-up cockpit

  • 3D models of Goa & HAL Bangalore Airports and surrounding terrain,

  • 3D model for Indigenous Aircraft Carrier

  • 3D Ocean model with sea waves in tune to sea state

  • 3D Models for Optical Landing System

  • 3D models for Arresting Gear system and Restraining Gear System

  • Ship dynamics simulation model

  • Real-Time Plotting System to monitor simulation variables during flight.

  • Re-Configurable Button Box for pilot inputs

  • Data Acquisition System using Ethernet based hardware



Three Window projection system with BARCO Sim-7 series with auto-alignment and auto-calibration feature, blend plates to provide seamless visuals for day and night flying during real-time, FOV 150  x  40 deg


Techniques applied in this facility


  • Simulation based virtual reality
  • Computationally efficient table look-up techniques for real-time simulation dealing huge aerodynamic and engine database
  • Efficient computational tools for nonlinear flight dynamic analysis


Major clients of this facility: ADA, Bangalore

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