CSIR-NAL SPARCS: Software for RCS Prediction with/without RAS

(SPARCS: Stealth Platform Asymptotic Radar Cross-section Software)

Key features:

  • Radar Cross Section Estimation Software using Hybrid Asymptotic High Frequency Methods (Geometric Optics, Physical Optics, SBR, UTD)
  • Precise and fast RCS estimation of analytical models
  • Parallelized numerical ray tracing based hybrid high frequency methods for RCS estimation of Complex Surfaces such as aircraft, UAV, missiles, ships
  • RCS estimation with/without radar absorber coating/structures (RAM/RAS)
  • Optimization of thickness profile of radar absorber towards payload reduction over broadband
  • Enhanced design capabilities with retro-design of existing platforms   

Software Validation Test Cases

(with Accurate Solvers/Measurement Results)

  • Flat plate
  • Cylinder
  • Cone
  • General Paraboloid of Revolution (GPOR)
  • NASA Almond
  • Software support for parallel computing, including GPU processing.
  • Indigenous algorithms with enhanced precision and better run-times
    • Cater to any physical phenomena w.r.t customer model/requirement
  • User friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • Supports STL (stereolithography) CAD format
  • RCS data vs. frequency and aspect angle (Cartesian and Polar)
  • Polarizations: Horizontal and Vertical
  • Ray tracing/ray path visualization and access to ray path data
  • Ray data to facilitate the perceptions of the scattering mechanisms towards low RCS design

Examples of Aerospace Structures in-built in the S/w:

  • Analytically defined drop tank
  • Typical nose-cone sectors
  • Typical missile structures
  • A typical fighter aircraft model

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