Cold Spray Process

Cold Spray is a material deposition technique from the broad family of thermal spray coatings with the difference of depositing spray particles at the temperature below the melting point. In this process, the spray particles are impinged on the substrate with supersonic velocities to get adherent coatings on different substrates. A low-pressure cold spray facility is available at SED (CSIR-NAL) and is being used for the development of corrosion protective coatings on lightweight metals like magnesium and aluminium alloys. Nickel, aluminium, tin and copper coatings have been successfully coated on metallic and CFRP substrates using Cold Spray. These coatings can be used for preventing/repairing corrosion damage, improving wear resistance, restoring worn/damaged features, surface build-up and enhancing surface conductivity. Especially Cu coating on CFRP is a futuristic technology for the lightning strike protection application in aircraft.

Last updated on : 11-11-2021 04:29:18pm