Basic Flight Simulator for AMCA

Basic Flight Simulator for AMCA

The fifth generation Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) being designed by ADA, DRDO is a sophisticated aircraft with electronic cockpit and is configured with advanced technologies to perform complex tasks to achieve air dominance. A detailed analysis of different mission scenarios is required in order to generate baseline integrated avionics and weapon system requirements to meet the AMCA operational requirement. NAL has developed a platform covering generation AMCA aircraft modeling, simulation of subsystems and mission scenarios for study and analysis.


The Basic Flight Simulator for AMCA comprising of full envelope flight controller, simulation models of sub-systems, single window projection system and cockpit based MFDs Fuel, Engine, Electrical, Hydraulics pages has been successfully designed and developed by the Flight Simulation Group of FMCD. Further, simulation models for sensors and missile/weapon specific to AMCA have also been developed. This is the only flight simulator with model based design framework for AMCA that caters for the evaluation of avionics and flight controller design.  In this frame work, the users can work within the same environment from the aircraft conceptual design to the flight simulation and controller design and implementation phase. Low cost visualization platform for pilot visual cues and pilot inputs can enhance rapid prototyping flight simulation systems in a cost effective manner. This is accomplished by closely coupling the simulation hardware to the code generation, simulation, and analysis capabilities of Simulink and Matlab. The visual database and rendering solution has been developed using open source software; Development of IOS software



AMCA Simulator is developed for carrying out study, design and evaluation of Pilot Vehicle Interface, Avionics, Flight controller design and aircraft sub-system design evaluation.




Flight Dynamic Model                                Sub-system Model such as  

Full envelope Flight controller                   Electrical System

 Instructor operation station (IOS)             Fuel system

Visual System – Terrain model                 Landing gear and nose wheel steering

Head up Display                                           ECS, Engine

Missile Approach Warning                        Hydraulic Sub System model

System (MAWS)                                           Target Aircraft and Weapon model




Single Window Projection system with 50 deg x 40 deg FOV   

Mock-up Cockpit with USB pilot controls


Techniques applied in this facility

  • Simulation based virtual reality

  • User Interface design using Visual C++ programming

  • Aircraft system modeling and simulation

  • Novel scheme for baseline Flight Controller Design

  • Model based design


Major clients of this facility: ADA, Bangalore

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