Mr. Satish R. Rohidekar, Senior Principal Scientist and Deputy Head at Centre for Civil Aircraft Design & Development (C-CADD) Division of CSIR-NAL has been involved in the Civil Aircraft Development Programs of the division since 1990. He is functioning as Project Director (Equipping & Aircraft Integration) for the ongoing civil aircraft programs viz., Saras, Hansa and CNM5 from July 2017. At present he is actively involved in the Saras aircraft taxy trials & flight testing activities, modifications on Hansa-3 aircraft and development of Hansa-NG aircraft.


He has coordinated with the different divisions of CSIR-NAL for the development of Hansa-3, a two seat all-composite light aircraft in the areas of design, analysis, fabrication, structural testing, aircraft integration & flight testing (1990-1998).  He has played a key role in the series production of 14 Hansa-3 aircraft as Project Leader (2000-2008). He has managed Hansa-3 aircraft maintenance and flight operations as Project Director and Quality Manager under DGCA approved CAR-M organization (2014-2017).


As Deputy Chief of Design for the CNM5, a five seat general aviation aircraft program, he has coordinated with the design, analysis, tool design & fabrication teams for the development of drawings for airframe components and for manufacture of tools & assembly jigs/fixtures (2006-2011).

As Group Leader, Structural assembly, he has supervised assemblies of Stub-wings and Nacelles for Saras, a fourteen seat commuter aircraft (2012-2013).

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