Sathish has obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai and Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. He started his career with GE Aviation and primarily involved in the Structural Design and Analysis of Metallic and Composite Engine Nacelle Structures. He also worked on the bird strike impact studies on Engine Inlet Assembly. In 2016, He joined as Scientist in Mechanical System Design Group, STTD Division. Currently in NAL, his work is associated with strategic sector where he is contributing to the development of landing gear structure and system for both inhouse and external Aircraft Programs. His area of interest includes landing gear design, steering and braking system and impact studies.


6. Publications


  1. S Sathish, J Prasath, K Satyanarayana Reddy and NK Naik, Damage evolution in delaminated woven fabric E-glass/epoxy composite plates under transverse static patch loading, International Journal of Damage Mechanics, 2013
  2. M MuthukumarJ PrasathS SathishG RavikumarYM Desai and NK Naik, 3D layer-to-layer orthogonal interlock woven composites under monotonic loading: Multiscale modeling, Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, 2017


Facilities working on

  • Six degrees of freedom motion platform


Techniques working on

  • Multi Body Dynamics of Aircraft Landing Gear
  • Co-Simulation Methods for Landing Gear Systems

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