Mr. B. Sampath Rao obtained his Masters’ degree in Space Engineering and Rocketry in 1988 with specialization in Aerodynamics. On completion of his Masters’ degree, he joined National Aerospace Laboratories in 1988 as scientist and is currently holding the post of Senior Principal Scientist apart from being coordinator for DRDO projects involving entire breadth of wind tunnel studies that characterize the flow and aerodynamic behavior of a variety of flight vehicles and overseeing technical activities of NTAF as Joint Head. He was a recipient of UGC fellowship during 1986-1988 and was a DAAD fellow during 1995-1996. He is a qualified ISO 9001 2008 Quality Management Systems (QMS) Lead Auditor. He has published over 100 technical reports including national and international conference papers and journal paper.


He carried out a variety of aerodynamic studies on wind tunnel models of various scales in support of several major aerospace projects in the country providing vital aerodynamic data crucial for the characterization of flow and/or aerodynamic behaviour of a variety of indigenously developed flight vehicles featuring wing-body and long slender body with large lifting surfaces.


Besides generating vital aerodynamic data of high quality, tests conducted at NTAF, have provided valuable insight into understanding complex flow phenomena visualizing the flow-field features using optical and surface flow visualization techniques and aided the development of optimum configurations.


Further, these tests resulted in development of novel test techniques to alleviate oscillatory loads on low aspect ratio wing-body models at transonic speeds, and to characterize the aerodynamic behaviour of long slender bodies with large lifting surfaces up to high angles of attack and a substantial increase in productivity at NTAF. 


His current interests include aircraft aerodynamics, vortical flows over wing-body and long slender bodies, store separation studies, intake aerodynamics, experimental aerodynamics and wind tunnel testing.

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