Rayasa Ramachandra Rao Dr

Rayasa Ramachandra Rao Dr

R. Ramachandra Rao, ia a principal Scientist working in the Materials Science Division at CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories (CSIR-NAL), Bangalore. He graduated with a BSc degree in 1983 with distinction and subsequently MSc in Chemistry with first Rank in 1985 from Mangalore University, Karnataka.


After working as Lecturer in chemistry for few months, he served as Lecturer in Dental Materials at KMC, Manipal, Karnataka, from 1985 to 1989. He started his research carrier in NAL on processing of advanced ceramics and obtained M.Phil degree in 1991 and subsequently Ph.D in 2001 in Materials Science from Mangalore University. He joined as Scientist in 1993 and continued his research in the area of advanced ceramics for structural and biomedical applications.


He has been working on colloidal processing of fine ceramic materials like alumina, silica, zircon, silicon carbide, silicon nitride etc., and their consolidation by slip casting and gel casting for some strategic components like after burner cups, ceramic radome etc. During the years he established the synthesis of fine ceramic powders like zirconia, calcium phosphates and silicates. He established “Mouldless Casting of Ceramics” a novel additive manufacturing method through which 3 Dimensional porous scaffolds were fabricated. Presently working on EBC materials and coating systems for CfSiC composites for high temperature engine applications and development of  CfSiC brake disc by hybrid process.


Research Interests


Novel fabrication methods for Monolithic and composite ceramic, High temperature structural ceramic, Environmental barrier coatings for CMC, Bioceramics.

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