Prasanta Kumar Panda Dr

Prasanta Kumar Panda Dr

Dr.P.K.Panda currently working as Chief Scientist in Materials Science Division. He   graduated in Ceramic Technology from Calcutta University (1987) and obtained (1999) from INSA de Lyon, France. He worked briefly in M/s. Grindwell Norton Ltd., Bangalore (1987-89) and also in Naval Materials Research Lab (NMRL), DRDO before joining CSIR-NAL in 1993. At CSIR-NAL, Dr.Panda worked initially on R&D of hydrothermal synthesis of alumina, SiC(w) reinforced alumina, zirconia ceramics by carbothermal reduction, sol-gel synthesis route, thermal shock and thermal fatigue of ceramics etc. In the year 2002, Dr.Panda initiated R&D work on development of piezoelectric (PZT) and Lead Magnesium Niobate (PMN). His group successfully prepared PZT and PMN powders, fabricated Multi-Layered Piezo stacks. In the year 2005, he established a new “Electro Ceramics Laboratory”. The research team lead by Dr.Panda is currently working on Lead Free Piezo materials, energy harvesting using piezoelectric materials, preparation of polymer and ceramic nanofibers by electrospinning technique. Dr.Panda guided two students leading to their Ph.D. degree, four students for M.Tech. thesis and few students for their undergraduate project work.

Research Interests

  • Smart electro ceramics.
  • Piezoelectric (PZT) and Lead free Piezo ceramics.
  • Fabrications of PZT actuators and sensors for aerospace application.
  • Energy Harvesting using piezo materials,
  • Nanofibers by electrospinning for water filtration application,
  • Thermal shock and thermal fatigue study of ceramic materials, advanced ceramics for high temperature applications.

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