JALDOST- CSIR NAL has signed collaborative agreement with M/s.Shrivari Engg. Systems Pvt. Ltd.

CSIR-NAL has developed and demonstrated JALDOST, an airboat based weed clearing system for cleaning the lakes and water bodies. NAL has taken this initiative in applying aerospace technologies for developing such useful water body rejuvenation equipment. Many inland water bodies, rivers and waterways are filled with weeds and garbage where normal boats cannot travel. There is huge need to develop these systems which can travel/clean water bodies without being stuck by weeds.


Director General of CSIR has formally unveiled the JALDOST airboat as part of Diamond Jubilee celebrations of NAL. Preliminary field trials were conducted with support of Indian Army MEG & Centre, Bangalore. 


CSIR-NAL has signed the collaboration agreement with M/s SHRIVARI ENGG SYSTEMS PVT LTD, Hosur on August 27, 2019 for customization, demonstration & performance evaluation of upgraded JALDOST to bring out simple and user friendly, marketable product for commercialization.

Contact : t_karthikeyan@nal.res.in, rvenkatesh@nal.res.in, sves.hsr@gmail.com


Last updated on : 05-09-2019 04:27:49pm