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The year 2017 was very challenging for CSIR-NAL in terms of its programmes and contributions to the development aerospace S&T in the country. The year was also a memorable year for the entire CSIR institutions and family as CSIR celebrated its 75th year of its foundation beginning 26th September 2016. CSIR-NAL continued to make important contributions towards furthering the "Make in India" National Mission of the Government of India. The laboratory's contributions towards this mission has been spread across both civil and military aeronautics/aviation sectors. In addition to this, our laboratory has also contributed to the strategic, space, automotive and societal sector programs.

I am happy to share that during 2017 SARAS PT1N aircraft has undergone high speed taxi trials and readied for developmental flight testing. In the new year the aircraft will be used to carry out specific number of developmental flights to evaluate the aerodynamic characteristics, handling qualities, efficacy of design improvements made and related to safety aspects. I am confident that the outcome of the study will pave way towards realization of 14/19 seater aircraft which will be the enhancement of SARAS design. It is noteworthy to mention that Hansa-3 successfully made its flight in the eleventh edition of Aero India 2017. Showcasing the static display of Hansa-NG glass cockpit was a major attraction. The event provided a significant platform in bolstering business opportunities in international aviation sector. One Hansa-3 aircraft was handed over to M/s Mesco Aerospace Ltd. by Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Hon'ble Minister for S&T. I am happy to share that DRISHTI, an airport runway visibility assessor system developed by CSIR-NAL has completed installation in ten international airports in India. Further, supply of 54 systems to eighteen Indian Air Force airfields, through Tata Power SED, was executed successfully. CSIR is one of the lead agency for Micro Vehicle Development in the country. Over 100 flight tests were successfully carried with NAL developed autopilot board on the fixed wing UAV class 1 in fully autonomous mode. During the previous year successful efforts were made to increase the endurance of mini UAV 'SUCHAN' and safety modes are included in the NAL autopilot. Finally, collaborative agreement with MESCO Aerospace for design & certification of HANSA-NG is in advanced stage.

In addition to furthering the indigenous development for strategic sector, NAL's significant contributions to major national programmes in this sector have enabled the strategic sector to achieve self-reliance. CSIR-NAL continued its support to LCA-Tejas programme. Advanced Composite Division of NAL continued to make contributions in the areas of design, fabrication and R&D of composite structures. The National Control Law team led by CSIR-NAL completed the control law design modifications for Final Operation Clearance (FOC) of LCA-Mk1 aircraft and trainer variant. LCA navy successfully completed 12 ski jumps with modified ski jump take off mode. All variants were flown during Aero India -2017. CSIR-NAL has also contributed to ADA's national programme on Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) in the areas of structural airframe design & analysis and design of forward retraction main landing gear (MLG). A great achievement was the handing over of full-scale air intake duct of AMCA to ADA. I am happy to place on record that CSIR-NAL has contributed significantly to the Mirage aircraft up-grade programme of IAF. The significant S&T inputs were in the areas of weapon integration studies using CFD codes, static stress and dynamic analysis of the aircraft with different store configuration, aeromechanical studies of new stores etc., Further development of 65 HP Wankel Rotary Combustion Engine for DRDO's PANCHI is progressing well and it will be completed during early 2018. Failure analysis and accident investigation is one of the core/niche activities of the laboratory, a major contribution in the last year was handling failure analysis of flexible couplings joining the pipelines in the ECS of IAF aircraft.

The association of NAL with ISRO has always been mutually beneficial. During 2017, bulk of testing in 1.2 m wind tunnel was sponsored by ISRO in connection with aerodynamic characterization of launch vehicle variants and crew escape system. The Acoustic Test Facility (ATF) continues to provide excellent support for the acoustic testing and qualification of ISRO's fleet of launch vehicles PSLV & GSLV. Further, NAL has taken-up the development of near net shape of Nose Tip and Wing Leading Edge out of CfT/SiC composites for hypersonic test demonstrator vehicle (HSTDV) applications. There are several CSIR-NAL contributions in the technology front especially in the project under Fast Track translation Projects. I am happy to share that two marksmanship training systems namely DHVANI & ABHIAS developed by NAL have achieved their maturity stage and the technology transfer agreement with BEL is under finalization stage. The technology development for production of NiTi shape memory alloys in 20-40 kg melt capacity has been successfully transferred to MIDHANI. It is expected that the engineering products would be commercially available from MIDHANI from mid of 2018. Significant progress has been made in magnetoresistive sensor for automobile applications. These sensors have 100 times higher sensitivity than Hall sensors and also more cost effective. A collaborative agreement has been signed with M/s Jayashree Electron Pvt. Ltd., for manufacturing of one lakh units of GMR sensor chip "NAL MRA1427" for field testing in various applications. CSIR-NAL undertook a sponsored project from MCSRDC, HAL for the aeromechanical clearance of new stores as part of the MIRAGE FOC upgrade programme and has successfully completed the project.

In line with the government's emphasis on translating home grown technologies for societal benefits, CSIR-NAL's performance in this area has been commendable. I am happy to inform that during the year, NAL developed Wind Solar Hybrid System (WiSH) were installed at academic institutions and state government organization - Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Limited (KREDL). NAL will be collaborating with industrial partner for wide dissemination of WiSH system amongst the rural mass in the year 2018.

I therefore request you to spend a few minutes browsing through this site. I also invite to you visit this site at least once in two weeks so that we can share the exciting events unfolding at NAL with you. It will be my pleasure to personally receive your queries and suggestions and I shall endeavour to give you a quick and positive reply.

Shri Jitendra J Jadhav
Director, CSIR - NAL

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