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Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Down Draft Dry Type Spray Painting Booth cum Over System with accessories 26-Nov-2019 (10:30 Hrs) 16-Dec-2019 (10:00 Hrs) 17-Dec-2019 (11:00 Hrs)      





Procurement of Virtual Reality based Digital Mock-up for Civil Aircraft 06-Nov-2019 (11:00 Hrs)
FMCD Conference Hall
25-Nov-2019 (10:00 Hrs) 26-Nov-2019 (11:00 Hrs) Proceedings    


 Flap Control System   07.11.19  10:00hrs  08.11.19 11:00hrs       





Vx Works 653 BSP and Argus SC 2.0 OpenGL drive for Curtiss-Wright VPX3-717 GPU Card-Operating System-VxWorks 53   24.10.19 (10:00 Hrs) 25.10.19 (11:00 Hrs)      

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