Thin Film (TF) Analyzer

Thin Film (TF) Analyzer

TF analyzer measures electromechanical properties of piezoelectric thin films by applying an electrical excitation signal to the sample and measuring mechanical displacement or by applying mechanical strain and recording resulting charge displacement. It measures ferroelectric hysteresis based on virtual ground feedback method to reduce parasitic capacitance.




Equipment Details

Key Features

Application Areas

 Model: TF Analyzer 2000 E

 Manufacturer: Aixacct system GmbH, Germany

 Frequency range:1mHz to 5KHz

 Voltage range: ±200V


  • Ferroelectric module with 3 inbuilt

      amplifiers for dynamic hysteresis  

      and fatigue measurements

  • 4 point bending measurement

     module for piezoelectric transverse 

     coefficient (d31) measurement

  • Piezoelectric longitudinal

     coefficient (d33), Leakage current  

     and C-V measurement modules


  • Materials science especially dielectric, ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials
  • Piezo MEMS



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