Nanoscratch tester / Tribometer

Nanoscratch tester / Tribometer

Nanoscratch tester/Tribometer is used to carry out scratch test for testing adhesive strength of a coating and wear test to measure tribological quantities such as wear rate and friction coefficient. It is equipped with ultra-precision force sensors, high frequency acoustic emission sensors and precision servo control of speeds, loads and position supported by UMT software for computerized control



Model & Make: UMT- 2 & CETR/Bruker

Scratch test:

Load range: 50 mN – 50 N

Load type: Constant and variable

Indentors: Spherical / Rockwell; 5 µm and 200 µm tip diameter

Indentor material: Diamond

Scratch length: Up to 50 mm

Wear test:

Load type: constant

Indentor used:  Ø 4 mm Spherical 

Indentor material: Tungsten carbide and Chrome steel

Stroke length: Up to 75 mm


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