Block Force Measurement Equipment (TF Analyzer 2000)

Block Force Measurement Equipment (TF Analyzer 2000)

It measures the block force, displacement and hysteresis loop of the multilayered stack.



Photograph of Block Force Unit



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 Model: TF Analyzer 2000

 Manufacturer:Aixacct, Germany

 High Voltage Amplifier: +/- 400 V (DC/AC) amplifier.

 Laser Interferometer:  measures displacement up to 20mm, resolution 1nm.

Hysteresis 2.3 control software.

  • FE measurement moduleattachment
  • Spring type sample holder designed to measure displacement and block force of the PZT ML stacks.
  • Simultaneous measurement of polarization and displacement vs. voltage.


Measurement of Block Force, Hysteresis Loop, Displacement of piezoelectric/ferroelectric materials and multi-layered stacks

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