Computational and theoretical fluid dynamics division

Computational and Theoretical Fluid Dynamics (CTFD) Division has been involved in providing important support to many of the ongoing national aerospace programs. CTFD is also proving support to many of the strategic programs.  The Division derives its strength in simulation of complex flows with an array of tools consisting of in-house developed, open source and commercial tools. 

Division has developed several in-house codes suitable for aerodynamic applications at different levels of approximation.  The Steady/Unsteady Panel are used as quick aerodynamic estimation tools.  IMPRANS and MB-EURANIAM are In-house developed Multi-block structured grid RANS solvers for compressible flows while PURLES is an in-house incompressible RANS solver. A small group in the division is also involved in the theoretical studies in fluid dynamics.

An in-house developed Euler code based on mesh free method is widely used for several aerospace applications. This mesh free method is based on the least squares kinetic upwind method. The mesh free code has been successfully applied for various complex applications involving multi moving components. A store separation suite consisting of mesh free solver, 6 DOF dynamic solver and a  pre-processor for point cloud generation has been developed recently.


Mathur J S Dr

Joint Head

Ramesh V Dr

Senior Principal Scientist(6)

Rajani B N Dr
Sharanappa V Sajjan
Srilatha K R Dr
Usha S Dr
Venkatesh T N Dr

Principal Scientist(12)

Arshad Shameem C
Dattatraya S Kulkarni
Jyothi Kumar Puttam
Kaushik Kumar Nagarajan Dr
Keshav Shrinivas Malagi
Kidambi Rangachari Dr
Madhu Babu K
Manish Kumar Singh
Naresh Kumar
Sintu Singha Dr
Vajjala Keshava Suman
Vishal S Shirbhate

Senior Scientist(4)

Niranjanan C K
Shikhar Jaiswal
Siva Kumar K
Subrahmanya M B

Technical Staff(1)

Shobha D

Admin Staff(1)

Vijayalakshmi L

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