Mr Arvind Hosagrahara

Model-Based Design Approach for Development of Vehicle Health Management System

Dr Ashok Srivastava

Kernel Machines for Large-Scale Anomaly Detection and Predictions: A Unifying Framework for Text and Numeric Data

Dr Dinkar Mylaraswamy

Addressing Aviation Safety using Vehicle Level Reasoning

Prof Eric Feron

Proof-carrying auto-coded control software

Dr Gary W. Hunter

Development and Testing of Propulsion Health Management

Prof George Vachtsevanos

Integrity Management of Aerospace Systems for Improved Autonomy

Prof S Gopalakrishnan

Off-line Structural Health monitoring Technologies for Aircraft Health Management

Prof Ian Jennions

The IVHM Centre – Technical capability

Dr Kallappa

D&P algorithms for automotives

Dr Kota Harinarayana

Indian IVHM Scenario: IVHM for Military & civil aircraft domains

Prof Michael Pecht

Battery Management Systems (Prognostics and Systems Health Management) for Electric Vehicles

Prof Nagi Gebraeel

Systems Monitoring and Prognostics: Framework, Key Challenges, and Some Solutions

Prof Nalinaksh Vyas

Health monitoring and life estimation in turbo machinery

Dr Natarajan Shankar

Making Reliable Software; Making Software Reliable

Dr Peruvemba Viswanath

IVHM from Boeing’s perspective

Prof Pradeep Lall

Prognostics Health Monitoring of High-Reliability Electronic Systems in Presence of Multiple Failure Modes

Mr Pranav Patel

GE’s Prognostics and Health Management Technologies

Dr Ravi Rajamani

Managing the health of an aircraft landing gear system

Dr Robert Mah

Facilitating the Development and Maturation of New IVHM Technologies

Mr Steven W. Holland

The Prognosis for Automotive IVHM

Mr Vasudeva Kolli

FAA Research Efforts in IVHM

Dr Vinay Jammu

GE’s Prognostics and Health Management Technologies

Prof Vitali Volovoi

Challenges in Assessing System-level effects of IVHM

Mr Yogesh Kumar

IVHM requirements for NCAD project