First Indo-US Workshop on Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) and Aviation Safety - WIAS under the aegies of Indo-US Science & Technology Forum


CSIR-NAL and NASA have received an award to jointly organize the first Indo-US Workshop on IVHM and Aviation Safety (WIAS), sponsored by Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) on 9th & 10th, January 2012 in Bangalore, the aerospace hub of the country.


The purpose of the workshop is to deliberate, discuss and evolve the state of the art aerospace systems’ health management strategies, and identify opportunities for collaboration between US & Indian Institutions. This will help orchestrate preparation of IVHM roadmap into the future. This is an attempt, initiated at NAL, in the direction of creating an ecosystem among R&D, Academics and Industry on the subject matter as a part of the IVHM Mission for aerospace industry. We thus see unprecedented opportunities for discussions and knowledge networking in the areas of IVHM.


The theme is centered around IVHM comprising the issues on developments in special sensors including PHM sensors, D&P algorithms & architectures, functional and fault simulation and modelling, Customised test rigs, HW & SW tools, standards, cost benefit analysis, V&V data & text mining, aviation safety, IVHM case studies, certifications, industry, academia and R&D networking, and finally the IVHM Roadmap for the benefit of a larger community. There will be panel discussions and industry interaction for a mutually beneficial association.


While the deliberations will be on aerospace IVHM, the concepts can be extended to industrial health, automotive health, and other systems/vehicles' health. IVHM encompasses systems health, health of the fleet and supply chain management.

Theme & Tutorial

9th & 10th Jan'12 : Theme
Special sensors for Health Management, IVHM Architecture, Diagnostics & prognostics algorithms, Data Mining, Modeling & Simulation, Software, Prognostics of systems, Vehicle level reasoning, Verification & Validation, IVHM Technologies, Case studies

11th Jan'12 : Tutorial
Anomaly detection & prognosis, EPS & aircraft wiring HM as experimented at Honeywell