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SN has the great gift of probing into the details of functioning of every system and quickly understanding their "design and engineering internals".

Dr S Nagabhushana
A tribute which appeared in the Information Pasteboard

It was a very touching moment for me on the last day of the last year when I had to bid goodbye to Dr S Nagabhushana.

Our close association began in the early 1980's when we started establishing wireless radio stations for telemetry. SN gave me a couple of files containing the correspondence with the Wireless Adviser to the Government of India and asked me to "carry on". I soon noticed that he had already undertaken a very detailed study of the various frequency bands that are allotted for telemetry, the sources of supply, the location of the antennas etc. .. and all this is in his inimitable and thorough style and in his beautiful handwriting! (most of us envy his handwriting and his wonderful ability to take down handwritten notes with the minutest details).

Many of us believe that the best among SN's many remarkable contributions to NAL was the effort to establish an acoustic test facility in collaboration with the Department of Space in the 1980's. He has often talked to me about the trials and tribulations he went through as he carried the project to its final execution.

SN has the great gift of probing into the details of functioning of every system and quickly understanding their "design and engineering internals". Recently we were discussing how to measure engine torque in a certain situation. SN did not seem very convinced with some of my answers. I was not at all surprised when, two days later, he came back to me with a complete (and masterly) insight into its measurement!

Another SN quality which we all admired was his cool handling of very tricky situations in the Division. I have rarely seen him perturbed or being harsh to anybody under any situation. He had the winning way of getting exactly what he wanted: very politely, diplomatically and without ruffling too many feathers. He used these skills exceptionally as an administrator. SN was also the Secretary of NAL's Research Council for a record number of years and the chairman of innumerable technical and welfare committees; NAL colleagues are especially grateful for his initiatives in improving NAL's medical services.

Very few among us probably know of SN's excellent command on the Vedas. When we returned home together from work late in the evenings, it was a pleasure to listen to SN reciting slokas on different facets of life and existence. I also vividly recall our visit to Trivandrum on an official visit some years ago. SN had asked me to join him at the Anantha Padmanabhaswamy temple early in the morning. When I reached the temple SN seemed nowhere in sight! His mysterious absence bothered me till I encountered a group of very senior people reciting slokas with great fervour and devotion. Right in the middle of this group, and reciting with the greatest fluency, was Dr S Nagabhushana.

We wish him a very happy retired life. I am sure SN will now get much more time to pursue his studies on the Vedas and the Upanishads.

Mr N N Murthy

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