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Dr Ramamoorthy on the eve of his retirement

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Dr Ramamoorthy stands out as a mathematician with an engineer's attitude.

Dr Panchagam Ramamoorthy
Tribute by S S Desai and P N Shankar on the eve of Dr Ramamoorthy's retirement in June 1997

Dr Panchagam Ramamoorthy, Scientist F, CTFD Division, is retiring after a fruitful career of over 30 years in aerospace at the National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore.

Born on 1 July 1937 at Adoni, Andhra Pradesh, Dr Ramamoorthy career spans a wide area of aerospace, interestingly in areas of aerodynamics, optimisation, aircraft design, parameter estimation and flight mechanics, all of which make him stand out as a mathematician with an engineer's attitude. His latest interest has been in computers, especially in the field of information systems and multimedia.

What distinguishes Dr Ramamoorthy from most others is his untiring energy for and attachment to whatever he undertakes, whether scientific or philosophical. This he has demonstrated in his studies on optimisation, in the development of laminar airfoils, in the development of information systems for airfoils, aircraft and missiles, in the development of a multimedia system for aircraft identification or in his short time stint with Sai Baba and Rajneesh. Dr Ramamoorthy's pride is unbounded when he says that he has contributed two airfoils to the world of aeronautics: the Sunya and the Osho airfoils (see Journal of Aircraft, May 1997 and Current Science, August 1996). He has contributed an interesting method for the design of natural laminar flow (NLF) airfoils; one of the three airfoils that he has designed has shown good correlation with experiment.

Basically a happy person, he has kept himself young at mind and heart always choosing to work with and nurturing young students. His philosophical bent of mind has helped him considerably in coming to terms with the matters taking place in Indian science and technology.

There are two aspects of Dr Ramamoorthy' s personality, one to do with his technical work and the other to do with life in general, which will be especially fondly remembered by his friends and colleagues. Dr Ramamoorthy, perhaps because of his career as an engineer from a maths background, always insisted that, unless a calculation was validated or confirmed by experimental or flight data, it would be of little interest or use. On the other hand when such agreement was found his joy was unbounded and was a pleasure to behold. The other aspect is his genuine and lifelong interest in the problem of the human condition. In this he is unusually open-minded, ever willing to hear and study a new point of view; if this new point of view has some real worth it would be incorporated into his philosophical framework. It is this attitude that has helped Dr Ramamoorthy to stay young, to come to terms with life and be and stay happy.

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