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#IP 1158 1 - 7 Dec 2014

ISAMPE NECTAR Workshop on “Lightning Protection of Aircraft”

In March 2008, CSIR-NAL set up a unique endowment fund with Indian Society for Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering (ISAMPE), called the NAL Endowment for Composites Technology, Advancement and Research (NECTAR) with the objective to promote R&D activities in computational, experimental and theoretical aspects of composite materials and related technologies. ISAMPE promotes this objective by organizing highly specialized workshops every alternate year on domains of contemporary interest of the composite community in the country.

The third workshop in this series was held on the topic “Lightning Protection of Aircraft” from 10-12 November 2014 at NAL, Bangalore. The course was conducted by Mr. Stephen Haigh, Principal Scientist and Mr. Daniel Morgan, Scientist from Cobham Technical Services, Lightning Testing and Consultancy, Oxfordshire, UK. The three day workshop was attended by nearly 50 participants spread across different organisations like NAL, ADA, HAL, ADE, CABS, DGAQA and HCL Technologies. The Inaugural Session for the event was organized on 10th Nov 2014 in presence of Mr. Shyam Chetty, Director, NAL.  The session started with a welcome address by Dr. Ramesh Sundaram, President-ISAMPE, who also introduced the invited speakers to the delegates. Thereafter, Dr. AR Upadhya, Director-ISAMPE shared his thoughts on the background and relevance of the topic to the audience. Mr. Stephen Haigh then gave a short introduction to the set the tone and expectations from the proceedings to follow. The inaugural Function concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Mr. Samudra Dasgupta, Secretary-ISAMPE.

The 10 Lectures (some along with demonstration models) that followed as part of the workshop for the next 3 days covered the following critical aspects on the above subject.

  1. Characteristics of lightning, its interaction with structures & its effect on aircraft.
  2. Standards & specifications for civil & military aircraft.
  3. Procedure for certification.
  4. Lightning damage to metal & composite structures.
  5. Damage & interruption of electrical systems by induced voltages from lightning.
  6. Test techniques for the certification of systems & equipment.
  7. Hazards to fuel systems.
  8. Lightning damage to antennae & radomes.
  9. P-Static charging problems of dielectrics including windscreens.

The hugely interactive Workshop was extremely well received by the participants and most of them gave excellent feedback regarding various aspects of the event. On the whole, the consensus which emerged at the end of the proceedings was that many of the technical queries of our scientists and engineers working in this field were clarified during the lectures and it helped in converging towards solutions related to lighting protection in our indigenous aircraft programs.

Samudra Das Gupta (ADE) and  Ramesh Sundaram (NAL)

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