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An appreciation of the contributions of NAL's first five Directors


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NAL's Past Directors


1959-1964 | 1965-1984 | 1984-1993 |

P Nilakantan (1959-1964)

Dr Nilakantan was NAL's first Director and, in many ways, its founding father. NAL's Wind Tunnel Centre was set up because of Nilakantan's vision, commitment and untiring efforts.


S R Valluri (1965-1984)

As NAL's second Director, for an incredible 19 years,
Dr Valluri built on the strong foundation created by Dr Nilakantan to transform NAL into a potent and remarkable force in Indian aeronautics


R Narasimha (1984-1993)

Prof Narasimha transformed NAL into self-confident and effective R&D laboratories making their mark in civil aviation, parallel processing, aerospace electronics, surface technologies and computational fluid dynamics.



T S Prahlad (1996-2002)

Dr Prahlad first placed NAL's civil aviation programme on a sound footing and then facilitated its phenomenal growth. He converted NAL into a cohesive project execution machine and significantly improved the Laboratories' infrastructure

1993-1996 | 1996-2002 | 2002-2004

K N Raju (1993-1996)

Dr Raju provided extraordinary momentum to NAL's contributions to national aerospace programmes even as the Laboratories' revenues soared to unprecedented heights.



B R Pai (2002-2004)

Dr B R Pai accelerated NAL's forays into civil aviation with the successful SARAS flights, strongly supported innovative R&D, especially in supersonic propulsion, lighter-than-air vehicles and radome technologies, and "filled some crucial gaps"; by recruiting young scientists and improving R&D facilities.

A R Upadhya (2004-2011)




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