The NAL Campus
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The NAL Campus

A rare kind of flower on NAL Campus


One of NAL's great joys are its gardens. Both the NAL campuses (the main campus at
Certainly the most enchanting spot on the Belur campus is the NAL park, built around a historical temple.
Kodihalli, and the Belur campus 5 km away) have splendidly laid-out trees and walkways. Every year the NAL gardens receive a host of prizes from the Bangalore Urban Art Commission.

The best spots on the main campus are probably the rose garden in front of the administrative block, the well-mowed NAL lawns and the dense collection of big trees opposite the Systems block -- now called the NAL Woods. Much is expected of the new herbal and medicinal plant garden coming up next to the NAL plant nursery.

The Belur campus is wilder; it is not uncommon to find the occasional snake prowling around. Certainly the most enchanting spot here is the NAL park, built around a historical temple which is considered to be quite an archaeological wonder.

About a third of NAL's employees stay on the campus. The campus is almost fully self-contained with a bank, post office, creche, nursery school, high school, cricket ground, basketball and volleyball courts, indoor badminton courts, community centre, connections to cable TV etc. It is absolutely safe to stay on the campus although most of the campus teenagers feel obliged to go downtown 5 km away in search of more fun and excitement.

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