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If NAL is known for its contributions to airport instrumentation, the credit goes squarely to J P Pichamuthu

Dr J P Pichamuthu retires
A tribute which appeared in the Information Pasteboard

Joseph P Pichamuthu is a unique person, a gentle and dynamic personality and a warm and affectionate friend. Son of Prof C S Pichamuthu, one of India's foremost geologists, Joe had his early education in Singapore, his engineering degree from IIT Kharagpur and his Ph.D. in laser optics from the University of illinois. If NAL is known for its contributions to airport instrumentation, the credit goes squarely to him. Joe's philanthropic qualities, his compassion, his crusade to teach physics to under-privileged campus children, his contributions to the Kendriya Vidyalaya are other endearing facets of this remarkable person.

P S Gopalakrishnan

Joe was picked at NAL by Prof Ramaseshan in 1972 who wanted to build a strong laser science and technology group in the Materials Science Division. Being an optical and laser physicist-engineer, Pichamuthu quickly realised the needs of the Met Department and designed systems to measure runway visibility, issue wind shear alerts and for optical slope guidance. Joe is pleasantly-mannered, ever helpful and peerless when it comes to ready wit and the gift of repartee. I wish him the very best in the future and look forward to many more active and enjoyable years in the company of Joe Pichamuthu.

T S Kannan

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