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#IP 944 25- 31 Oct 2010

CSIR FOUNDATION DAY 2010 AT the National Aerospace Laboratories

The Sixty-Eighth CSIR Foundation Day celebration was a well-attended event at NAL which was celebrated on the September 26, 2010. The two special features of this year’s celebration was that it was jointly organsied with the sister organisation CSIR-CMMACS, and, secondly, NAL technology exhibition was organized which was open to both the students and general public. The exhibition organized at new SARAS hangar, Belur campus, showcased products, achievements, and technologies developed both by NAL and CMMACS. The exhibition attracted both students and general public in large numbers; it was successful in raising the curiosity and interest in the laboratories’ achievements in aerospace science and technology: many future aeronautical scientists and engineers were “Born” that day.

The trump event, though, was the flight demonstration of autonomous Micro Air Vehicles by NAL MAV team as well as aerobatic flying of the mini UAV by Mr. P. Eshwar from E.N.R. Models, Bangalore. There were thirteen flight demonstrations displayed to the curious and enthusiastic students and public, more than 3000 in number who were not only from schools and colleges in and around Bangalore, but also those who had travelled from neighboring states as well; one could notice the fascinations and happiness on the faces of students.  It did surely motivate a few of the young spectators to be future pilots and Air Force fighters of the country.

The function to mark the Foundation Day occasion was organized at the S R Valluri auditorium including the traditional technology and the business lectures. The function presided by the Director was graced by the Chief Guest Mr. Ravi Chauhan, the Managing Director, India & SAARC, Juniper Networks India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, who delivered the technology lecture “New Generation Networks and Cloud Computing”. Mr. Chauhan’s lecture was lucid and highly informative and held the audience spell bound till the end. He brought out the development of the fastest single-hop network switch by M/s Juniper, an Indian Company, capable of handling up to 500000 computers: the challenge posed by the Google server farm, the largest of its kind in the world.

Dr. P. Goswami, Scientist, CMMACS delivered the 13th NAL-CMMACS Business Lecture: Business of Weather Informatics, ushering the era of Equity of Knowledge, the pioneering venture of CSIR. It was interesting to learn the formation of a joint corporate by CSIR with the private industry where knowledge as the Equity Capital from CSIR-CMMACS.

Mr. Ravi Chauhan presented the CSIR Foundation Day awards and IPR Certificates to NAL employees and to the children of NAL employees for their outstanding academic and sport performance. The function compeered bilingually in Hindi and English by Mrs. Gomathy  Shankaran, Scientist, KTMD  was well received and brought out her command over both the languages; Dr. Ranjan Moodithaya, Head, KTMD, delivered the vote of thanks.

Photo and photo collage designed by Team Photography, KTMD, NAL


#IP 943 18 - 24 Oct 2010

One-Day Seminar on Acoustic Testing of Satellites and Launch Vehicles

A one-day seminar on “Acoustic Testing of Satellites & Launch Vehicles” presenting an overview of Acoustic Test Activity and the R&D activities at the Acoustic Test Facility (ATF) of NAL was organized on October 8, 2010 in honour of Dr. Ranjan Moodithaya, the former Head, Acoustic Test Facility and Knowledge & Technology Management Division of National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore, who superannuated on September 30, 2010 after serving the Laboratories for Thirty Seven years. Technical presentations were made by senior scientists from VSSC and ISAC, the major users of the ATF, apart from scientists from ATF, NAL; the seminar was attended by scientists from both ISRO and NAL. The seminar highlighted the contributions of the ATF in general and that of Dr. Ranjan Moodithaya in particular to the acoustic testing of launch vehicles and spacecrafts. The inaugural function of the seminar in the morning was followed by a well-attended technical session.             

Shri V. V. Bhat, Member (Finance) and Secretary to the Government of India in Space, Atomic Energy and Earth Science Commissions, was the chief guest of the inaugural function which was presided over by Dr. A.R. Upadhya, The Director, NAL. Dr. Ranjan, as he is popularly called, in his invited lecture “Technical Management – Perspective of Government R & D Organisation”,recalled his experiences and insights on the management and effective utilization Knowledge and Technology, especially in the Government R & D sector, and gave his word of advice.

Shri V. V. Bhatt in his inaugural address presented his practical experiences with administrative reforms in several central government organizations with which he was associated for a long time. His references to real-life situations, though hilarious sometimes to laugh at, were thought provoking and illustrative. He emphasized the importance of deployment of computers in improving the operational efficiency, and in bringing out complete transparency in all developmental and administrative activities of the Government agencies.

Dr. A.R. Upadhya, in his presidential address, brought out the importance of acoustic testing of launch vehicles and spacecrafts prior to their launch for their qualification under hostile acoustic environment which they encounter; he recalled the excellent support provided by ATF group led by Dr. Ranjan in accomplishing the same. He pointed out that the ATF group at NAL was handed over the complete responsibility for the design, development and commissioning of ISRO’s new state-of-the art acoustic test facility located at ISRO ISITE Complex amidst tough international competition – a tribute to the confidence they have established in the field of acoustic testing.

The Technical Session that followed the inaugural function was very interactive and informative to the august audience consisting of scientists and engineers from ISRO Satellite Centre, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre and NAL, among many others. It was very heartening to see a number of senior and retired ISRO and NAL scientists/engineers, who were pioneers in the acoustic testing in the country, attending and actively participating in the session. Dr. C.V.R. Reddy, formerly from Structures Division of ISRO Satellite Centre, chaired the session and was at his charismatic best in introducing speakers as well as effectively summarizing the presentations at the end of each – a tradition of the past; here, we may recall that Dr. C. V. R. Reddy was a member of the NAL ATF design committee. The technical session had three invited talks:  Mr. P. R. Murali of the Structural Dynamics Division of  VSSC, Thiruvananthapuram in his invited talk on “Acoustic Testing of Launch Vehicles “ spoke about the sources of noise and their effects on launch vehicle stages and subsystems as well as payloads in a launch vehicle. He also illustrated the generation of acoustic test spectrum for the heat shield of a launch vehicle from the corresponding acoustic test results. Mr. S. Shankar Narayan, Head, ESTD, Structures Group, ISAC, spoke on “Acoustic Testing of Satellites“. He explained at length on the sources of acoustic noise affecting integrity of satellites during lift-off and transonic flight through the atmosphere; he emphasized the importance of proper interpretation of the test results. Mr. S. Murugan, Scientist, ATF, NAL, gave a detailed talk on the “New Acoustic Test Facility at ISRO ISITE Complex”. The responsibility for design and commissioning of this challenging project, where the state-of-the-art ATF is being established by ISRO, was awarded to NAL. Mr. Murugan presented an overview of the project clearly bringing out the need for such a new facility in ISRO and providing information on the salient features of the new facility, the new technologies being incorporated as well as the constructional challenges faced. Dr. Ranjan in his wrap-up presentation entitled “The Challenges in Acoustic Tests at NAL” highlighted the various problems encountered during acoustic testing, and how they were solved by simple but effective indigenous approaches. One such challenging problem led to the development of critical components of a noise generator paving the way for the first export of NAL technology - The High Frequency Jet Noise Generator. He recalled manyin-house solutions that were developed at ATF to overcome the challenges encountered in meeting the acoustic test needs of ISRO during their successful and timely completion.

This seminar was indeed a fitting tribute to Dr. Ranjan, a brilliant Acoustic Scientist with basic research dearer to his heart, yet humble, positive and gentle, and “the man of few words” for his immense contributions and indelible impressions he has left among his colleagues and at large.

K N Arun Kumar

Photo and photo collage designed by Team Photography, KTMD, NAL


#IP 942 11-17 Oct 2010

Mr Yogesh Kumar, Specialist Consultant, NCAD has been conferred with the Rashtriya Gaurav Award. He received the Certification of Excellence from Dr Bhishma Narain Singh, Former Governor of Assam & Tamil Nadu at a seminar on Global Participation in India’s Economic Development held at New Delhi on 30 July 2010.

Mr Yogesh Kumar’s name is listed in the 2010 Edition of Cambridge Who’s who. He shares prominent registry space with thousands of fellow accomplished individuals across the globe, each representing accomplishments within their own geographical area. Congratulations Sir!

Dr Harish Barshilia’s distinctions

Dr Harish Barshilia has been selected for MRSI medal for 2011. He will receive the medal during the Annual General Meeting of Materials Society of India (MRSI) to be held during February 14-16 2011.

Dr Barshilia has also been invited as an invited speaker for the International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin films (ICMCTF) 2011 to be held at San Diego, California during May 2-6, 2011.

News from KVNAL

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) Bengaluru region organized the KVS National Sports Meet 2010 for boys at 16 venues. KVS Bengaluru region bagged the overall championship.

 Kendriya Vidyalaya, NAL successfully hosted the 41st KVS National Sports Meet in Hockey for boys from 22 to 26 Sep 2010.  Eight boys from KV NAL were part of the team that won gold in Hockey at the National Level.  Also a cultural item Karnataka Vaibhava presented by KV NAL was adjudged the best.

#IP 941 4-10 Oct 2010

UCE to market autoclaves developed  by CSIR-NAL

Unique Chemoplant Equipments (UCE), Mumbai, will market autoclaves developed by one of the premier R&D institution of the country, the National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) of Council & Scientific Industrial Research (CSIR).

When autoclaves were in embargo list of exporting countries, CSIR-NAL has started development of indigenous autoclaves for aerospace applications, i.e. for manufacture of advanced polymer composite structural components of aircraft such as LCA. Over the years, it has developed several autoclaves meeting different requirements. While Mark-IV is the latest and largest indigenous autoclave ever built in the country with a working space as big as 4.4 m (D)x9m(L), the Mark-III is specially built for ever growing R&D needs for high temperature composites.

The technology has matured and the autoclaves developed have been highly reliable, demonstrated by the fact that one of the autoclaves as large as 4m(D)x8m(L), supplied by CSIR-NAL, has been functioning very effectively as work-horse at one of the premier PSUs, over the last decade.

In line with the character of CSIR, NAL has established long term collaborative tie-ups with private industry. While, M/s Unique Chemoplants will manufacture all mechanical hardware, in addition to marketing; M/s DATASOL, Bangalore, would fabricate all electrical & electronics hardware. These will operate as back to back arrangements, so as to deliver the autoclaves with out any loss of time, avoiding the usual sub-contracting procedures. The main impetus of this exercise is not only to mitigate imports, but to foster private public participation on a firm basis. Prospective buyers can see the functioning of these autoclaves at CSIR-NAL.

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