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#IP 1039 20 - 26 Aug 2012

26th AGM  of Indian Society for Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering

The 26th AGM  of Indian Society for Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering(ISAMPE)  was held at  S R Valluri Auditorium, NAL on 17th August 2012.

The Inaugural Session was anchored by Shri Samudra Dasgupta, Joint Secretary - 1, ISAMPE. Dr K Vijayaraju, President, ISAMPE welcomed all the members and delegates to the AGM. He declared the theme of the AGM to be “High Temperature Composites”.

This was followed by the keynote address by the Chief Guest, Dr. AK Saxena. He was formally introduced by Dr. Ramesh Sundaram, Vice President - ISAMPE. Dr. Saxena, in his keynote address, beautifully brought out the state-of-art research on high temperature composites at DMSRDE, Kanpur, with special emphasis on SiC composites and its precursor materials.

This was followed by the Vijay Zaveri Memorial Lecture delivered by Shri A Rajarajan, VSSC, Thiruvananthapuram. Shri Rajarajan presented an overview of VSSC’s endeavors on high temperature C-C and ceramic matrix composites. 

Thereafter, Shri Shyam Chetty, Acting Director, NAL released the ISAMPE Souvenir and handed over the first copy to the Chief Guest. He then delivered his presidential address for the occasion.

This was followed by distribution of different Awards by Dr. K Vijayaraju, President, ISAMPE. Details of the awards and the awardees for the year 2012 are given below:

(i) “ISAMPE Outstanding Design and / or Process Development Award – 2012” was conferred on Mr. Hemant Kumar Shukla, Scientist & team from NAL, Bangalore for their work titled “Development of Process Technology for Standard Modulus Grade Carbon Fibers and Transfer of Technology to Industry”.

(ii) “ISAMPE Award for Smart Materials and Systems Technology Development - 2012” was conferred on Mr. Naimesh Patel, Scientist / Engineer – SD and team from SAC (ISRO), Ahmedabad for their work titled “Development of Smart Material based Hexapod System”.

(iii) “ISAMPE Student Award for Smart Materials and Systems Technology Development – 2012” was conferred on Mr. R Biju, Reaserch Scholar form Polymer and Special Chemicals Group, VSSC, Thiruvananthapuram for his work titled “Investigations on Shape Memory Polymers for Space Applications”.

Shri D Saji, Secretary, ISAMPE proposed the formal Vote of thanks to conclude the Inaugural Session.

D Saji


CSIR National Facility: Electromagnetic Materials Applications Facility  

The EM design and development of aerospace applications hardware depend extensively on the intrinsic electromagnetic properties of materials. This necessitates accurate EM characterization of aerospace materials in the designated frequency bands. Since there is an acute shortage of EM material characterization database of aerospace materials, most of the leading aerospace industries are geared towards setting-up their own facilities in this area. In view of catering to the current national needs and emerging requirements, a certified Electromagnetic Materials Applications Facility has been established at CSIR-NAL Bangalore, under the CSIR 11th FYP National Facility Creation Projects.

This facility offers state-of-the-art EM characterization measurements of different types of EM materials in the frequency range spanning from 200 MHz - 170 GHz. The EM material characterization measurement devices available in the facility are: (a) Wave Guide System (26 GHz -170 GHz) for thin slabs, (b) Dielectric Probe (200 MHz-50 GHz) for solids and liquids, (c) Free Space method (2 GHz- 40 GHz) for large flat panels, and (d) Quasi-optic bench (75 GHz – 110 GHz) for thin substrates.

Since there is a growing scientific and technological requirement for EM material characterization in other diverse sectors such as agro-food industries, chemical industries, medical industries etc., this facility can also provide vital support to such sectors. This operational facility is also capable of providing support to R&D organizations, academia and industries in the national/ international arena.

(This is the last of a series of three EM write up)

Quasi-optic Bench

EM Charac. of Solid Sample

Sample Holders

EM Charac. of Liquid Sample

Measuring Antennas



#IP 1038 13 - 19 Aug 2012

CSIR National Facility: FSS-based Design and Development Facility for Aerospace Applications

Frequency selective surfaces (FSS) have several potential aerospace applications, which include the design and development of high performance airborne radomes and radar absorbing structures (RAS). FSS-based radome designs can provide superior EM performance characteristics (high transmission efficiency, low internal reflections and minimal boresight error etc.) for the operational bandwidth of radar system. High performance multi-band radome designs can also be realized with the use of FSS structures. Out-of-band fast roll-off transmission response of FSS makes it an attractive choice for stealth radome applications. Further, the radar cross section (RCS) reduction of aerospace structures can be achieved due to the low reflection characteristics of the FSS-based RAS structures/ components. A certified national facility for FSS design and development for the above mentioned aerospace applications has been established at CSIR-NAL under the 11th FYP within the budget and time.

This FSS characterization facility is capable of supporting design and development of actual full-scale FSS hardware components, and also studies of novel proof-of-the-concept FSS-based high transmission, and low reflection aerospace structures for defense and strategic applications. This facility has the capability to characterize FSS structures (by actual measurements) in the frequency range of 2-40 GHz with the help of state-of-the-art Agilent PNA system. This national facility will be beneficial for aerospace organizations both in public and private sectors.

(This is the second of a series of three EM write up) 



1. Award  for  “NAL Technology Shield for Outstanding Group Achievement” carrying a cash prize  of  `. 20,000/- - for  “Design, Development of the SARAS Fixed Base Simulator is awarded to

Dr Abhay Pashilkar, Group Head, Flight Simulation and Project Leader, SARAS Simulator FMCD  & his team consisting of Shri K P Srikanth, Scientist, Shri P V Satyanarayana Murthy, Scientist, Smt Archana Hebbar, Scientist, Dr C Kamali, Scientist, Shri Navendu Kumar, Scientist   FMCD, Smt P Lathasree, Scientist, Shri Moncy T Thomas, PTO, Shri A Vimal Raj, Technical Assistant, Shri T Vijeesh, Technical Assistant, Shri Hanumantha, Technical Assistant, Shri M S Pradeep, APMF, Shri Abbani Rinku, Shri N R Balla  C-CADD, Shri P Radhakrishnan

2. “A Special NAL Technology Shield for Outstanding Group Achievement” carrying a cash prize  of  `. 20,000/- - for “Design, Development & Project Execution of CNM5 : Five – Place General Aviation Airplane – a public private partnership programme”  is awarded to 

Shri S Bhaskar Chakravarthy, Chief of Design & Project Director, CNM5, C-CADD  & his team consisting of Shri Bipul Sarkar, Scientist, Shri Prabhu V, Scientist, Shri Abbani Rinku, Scientist, Shri Haribabu, Scientist, Shri Shijo K Francis, STO  C-CADD, Smt Lakshmi Devi V, Scientist, Shri Nagacharan K V , Scientist, Shri R Suresh, Scientist,Shri Dilip Kumar Sahu, STO, Shri Raghavendra, Scientist, Shri Chandranath, M L, Scientist, Shri Mohan Naik, C, Scientist,Shri Satyajeet Sahoo, Scientist, Shri Vadivel S, Technical AssistantSmt B R Radha, STO, Shri S J Puneetha, Tech. Assistant, Shri G Guruswamy, Tech. Assistant, Shri M S Pradeep, STO – 3, Shri K R Naresh, Tech. Assistant  APMF, C-CADD, Shri Syed Farooz, Tech. Assistant, Shri S V Anban, STO, Shri M Manjanna, STO, Shri T S Nataraja, Sr Technician, Shri Anil Kumar, Technician 

3. Award for  “YOUNG SCIENTIST OF THE YEAR” is awarded with a cash prize of `.10,000/- each to two Scientists namely,   Shri Nitesh Gupta,Scientist, Advanced Composites Division - for   “Fiber Optic Sensor based Technology Development for Process Monitoring and Structural Health Monitoring of Aircraft  Composite Structures”


Shri  N Karthikeyan,Scientist, Experimental Aerodynamics Division - for  “Development of Jet Aeroacoustics Research Facility”

4. Award for “BEST WOMAN SCIENTIST”  with a cash prize of `.10,000/- is awarded to

Dr S T Aruna, Scientist, Surface Engineering Division - for her contribution to “Research on the Development of nanosize oxide powers and their application in wear & corrosion resistant nanocomposite coatings and thermal barrier coatings”

5. Award for “BEST INNOVATION”  is awarded with a cash prize of `.10,000/- to

Dr V Shuba, Scientist,Shri G Sivakumar, Scientist, Shri A Arul Paligan, Scientist, Shri V Jithuraj, Technical Officer, Shri R Krishna Murthy, Technician MATERIALS SCIENCE DIVISION - for “Innovative Design leading to a field product Development for the first itme in the country – DRISHTI Transmissometer – A visibility measuring system

”6. Award for EXCELLENCE in “Research” with a cash prize of `.5,000/- is awarded to 

Dr Prasanta Chowdhury,Scientist, Surface Engineering Division - for his contribution to  “Research on the Development of Magnetic Sensor based on Anisotropic magnetoresistance (AMR) and Giant magnetoresistance (GMR) Properties”

7. Award for  EXCELLENCE in “Design, Development and Project Execution”  is awarded to  (Cash award of  `.10,000/- for a group award and  `.5,000/- for  individual award in the category) :

i) Shri  C M Ananda, Scientist, Shri  S G Ramanathan, Scientist, Smt  J Jayanthi , Scientist, Smt  Manju  Nanda, Scientist, Shri Rakesh Kumar, Scientist, Shri  Mainak GH, Scientist ALD, Smt  P Lakshmi, Scientist, Shri  M Raghu, PTO, Smt  M Preme, PTO, Shri  M Satish Babu, TO, Shri  DG Pavan, TO, Smt Priyadarshini, Sc.  C-CADD, Shri  Radakrishna, TO - for  “Design and Development of Engine Indication Crew Alerting System (EICAS) for SARAS Display System”.

ii)   Shri Basappa, Scientist, Dr Sachin Tharewal, Scientist, Smt Khadeeja Nusrath, Scientist Flight Mechanics and Controls Division - for  “Flight Validation and update of TEJAS Aerodynamic Database for ICO using System Identification Techniques”

i) Shri J Srinivas ,Technical Officer, Propulsion Division - for  “Technical Design and Development of Instrumentation for the High Speed Combustor Test Facility and R&D activities”

8. Award for  Excellence in “Technical Support” is awarded to  (Cash award of `.10,000/- for a group award and `.5,000/- for  individual award in the category)

i) Shri S Kishore, Technician, Shri C V Manjunatha, Technician, Shri A Sunil, Technician, Shri Kumar, Technician, Shri K Saravanan,  Technician, Shri S Rajakumar, Technician, Shri R Murthy Raman, Technician, Shri Maheboob Sab Choudhari,  Technician, Shri M Veerendrachari, Technician IFRF (Materials Science)
- for “maintenance and operation of utilities, auxiliary systems for polymerization, spinning and heat treatment processing equipments, electrical substation, power control centres, master control panels, inverter panels etc.,”

ii) Smt Gomathy Sankaran, Scientist, Shri R Jagadeesha, STO, KTMD
- for “Preparation, Documentaiton, Implementation and Maintenance of ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Management System at CSIR-NAL”.  

9. Award for Excellence in “Administrative Support”  carrying a cash prize of `.5,000/- is awarded to

i) Shri M M Prakash, Assistant – Gr. I, Bills Section - for his  “excellent handling of TA / DA bills, booking of air tickets, processing of GPF” 

ii) Shri D Kantharaju, Assistant – Gr. I Finance & Accounts Section - for his “unblemished record in contributing maximum of the work and disposing without complaints”


#IP 1037 6 - 12 Aug 2012

CSIR National Facility: Adaptive Antenna Facility for Simulation and Hardware Implementation 

CEM Lab. has created a CSIR-NAL National Adaptive Antenna Facility for Simulation and Hardware Implementation, during 11th five-year plan. This, only one of its kind facility,consists of a simulation centre and a measurement set-up consisting of an integrated adaptive antenna array system. This X-band system consists of a receiving module with 16´16 phased array. The capabilities of the system include digital beam forming, controlled electronic beam scanning, estimation of direction-of-arrival, frequency, power etc. of the emitters, maintenance of sufficient gain towards desired directions and the suppression of the interfering signals and noise. The simulation centre is geared towards the development of adaptive algorithms and the design and development of adaptive antenna arrays. This unique experimental facility would serves as a test-bed for the adaptive algorithms towards the contemporary design of smart antenna systems, and airborne radar applications.

 (This is the first of a series of three EM write up)


Down the memory lane
A decade ago

7.08 .02

C-MMACS Foundation Day: Dr R N Singh, Director, NEERI, Nagpur, will deliver the Foundation Day Lecture on Waste Management: An Ecological Way. Dr T S Prahlad, Distinguished Scientist, C-CADD, will preside.

3.00 p.m., C-MMACS Conference Hall, Belur Campus.


8.08 .02

Prof S Gopalakrishnan, Department of Aerospace Engg., IISc, will speak on Smart Structures Activities at Department of Aerospace Engg., IISc.

11.00 a.m., Seminar Hall, Technology Block.

Sixteenth Annual General Meeting of ISAMPE: Dr H S Maiti, Director, CGCRI, Kolkata, will be Chief Guest, Prof G N Mathur, Director, DNSRDE, Kanpur, will deliver the Eleventh Vijay Zaveri Memorial Lecture and Dr A R Upadhya, President, ISAMPE will preside.

9.00 a.m., S R Valluri Auditorium.


A Glimpse of History of Science

7 August 1997
STS-85, Discovery 23, launched into orbit

9 August 1990
Soyuz TM-10 landed

10 August 1992
Satellite TOPEX/Poseidon launched

10 August 1992
Soyuz TM-15 landed

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