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NAL's Health Centre, located on the campus just opposite the Lab's main entrance, is a wonderful facility created for the welfare of NAL's staff members and their dependents. Doctors are always in attendance, offering consultancy both on the Kodihalli and Belur campuses. Specialist consultation is also available at certain times of the day.

The Centre has a well-stacked inventory of therapeutic and life-saving drugs, and facilities to carry out practically every medical investigation (x-ray, ECG etc.). The Centre maintains links with all the major hospitals in Bangalore and is well-geared to face emergencies. Currently, the Centre is in the middle of an ambitious master health check up programme involving all NAL employees.

The Centre maintains a complete database (online) of every employee's health record. The database contains vital information about age, allergies, blood group, history of past ailments and medication etc. of every member of the extended NAL family. It also issues medical advice periodically which is widely circulated.

But, without a doubt, the Centre's greatest strength is its team of four experienced doctors who have first-hand knowledge of the medical history of every patient. Together they ensure that every NAL staff member receives personalised care and attention, and is better prepared to face any unexpected medical contingency.


Master Health Check

A pencil sketch of NAL's Health Centre

NAL doctors are insisting that every staff member above the age of 40 must appear for a master health check. About 98% of the employees have appeared for the check up so far.

The programme begins with a 15-minute interview in which the NAL doctor quizzes the employee about the state of his health. Does he feel breathless? How is his appetite? Did he ever pass out? Is he finding it difficult to cope with work stress?

Then follow a series of medical investigations.

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