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Getting to NAL

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Distances from Bangalore by road (average driving speed: 45-55 km/hr)

Panaji, Goa 588 km
Mysore 139 km
Mangalore 347 km
Chennai 331 km
Pondicherry 314 km
Hyderabad 562 km
Ooty 297 km

Bangalore is India's fifth largest metropolis; so reaching it is a breeze.

If you are an international visitor then you would probably have to change planes at Mumbai, Delhi or Chennai. You would then get into an Indian Airlines or a private airline aircraft. Bangalore is a 90-minute flight from Mumbai, a 150-minute flight from Delhi and a 45-minute flight from Chennai. About a dozen planes land at Bangalore from Mumbai, Delhi or Chennai at different times (the evenings are the most busy) of the day. If you are an Indian visitor, then you have probably skipped this paragraph.

NAL's main campus is quite far away from the new international airport.. If you are visiting NAL in response to an official invitation, then the NAL staff car will be waiting to pick you up; you can identify the NAL driver because he will be holding up a welcome placard. Expect to find the NAL car even if the plane is delayed.


Bangalore is well-connected by rail, being acce

Bangalore is India's fifth largest metropolis; so reaching it is a breeze.

ssible from practically every corner of India. "Superfast" trains from other Indian big cities arrive every day, with Chennai being the closest and fastest link; but beware! -- even "superfast" trains do not average more than 65 km/hr, so train journeys will always be a little tedious. If you are en route NAL by a daytime train with small luggage, then you should probably get off at Bangalore Cantonment Station to avoid heavy traffic and reach faster. Otherwise the bigger Bangalore City Station is always a safe choice. You should take 30 minutes to reach NAL from the Cantonment Station (9 km) and 45 minutes (11 km) from the City Station. Official guests will still be received by the NAL driver, but spotting the driver at a crowded railway station can be a chancy affair.

Bangalore is also well-connected by road. Visitors to and from Mysore, Ooty, Whitefield, Mangalore and even Goa might find it useful to travel by road. All long-distance buses (both public transport and private services) leave from the main bus terminus opposite the Bangalore City Railway Station.



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