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CSIR - National Aerospace Laboratories
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NAL Archives

Golden Jubilee websites

International Conference on Aerospace Science and Technology - June 26–28, 2008

Lecture Course on Advanced Flow Diagnostics Techniques - Sep 17-19 2008

Nov 4 -7 2008

Seminar in Kannada on Aerospace Science and Related Technologies - Nov 11 2008

Aerofest 2008 - 19 -24 Dec 2008

INDUS MAV WORKSHOP '08 - Nov 13-14 2008

PLMSS 08 - Nov 17-19 2008

INCCOM-7 - Dec 4-5 2008

International Conference
on Aerospace Science and Technology
June 26-28, 2008

Report of Historic Conference on Micro Aerial Vehicle and
Unmanned Ground Vehicle Technologies at Agra
jointly by CSIR, DRDO and US DoD

NCSCST Conference - Presidential remarks by Dr A R Upadhya
NAL50Crossword (Crossword-clues)


Aero India

Many vital elements of Tejas developed by CSIR-NAL (Press clippings)

Congratulations Team DRISHTI for supplying 22 DRISHTI SYSTEM to Tata Power SED | Appreciation letter received by DG CSIR from Tata Power SED for supplying 22 Drishti systems in a record time of 22 days.

JNC installs NALWIN wind turbine on its campus
Video of Wind Turbine Electrified 3 labs - NEWS9

"CSIR-NAL and Tata Power SED have signed the Memorandum of Agreement on 9th February 2016 for the supply of 54 numbers of Drishti Systems. These systems will be installed in Indian Airforce Airfields under Modernisation of Air Field Infrastructure (MAFI) project of  Tata Power SED with Indian Air Force".


CSIR Technofest News Letter

CSIR Receives First Prize (Gold) at India International Trade Fair 2010

CSIR Technofest 2010

Director General’s Message

CSIR Technofest 2010 inaugurated

NAL pushes the limits of aerospace technology

Theme - Aerospace day at CSIR TECHNOFEST- 2010 |

CSIR Photo Gallery

NAL's participation at INDIA AVIATION

The RTA-70 India's Regional Airliner Programme (Appeared in Vayu Aerospace & Defence Review II/2010)

Services and Technologies offered - Aeromag Mar 2010

Content as appeared in the Press

Aerofest 2008 paper clipping

Reminiscences, A R Upadhya (IISc : 100 Years and Beyond )
Press Release by NAL/CSIR

Condolence Message - DG, CSIR | Director, NAL | Dr. R A Mashelkar, President, GRA

I P Archives

Altair takes off!

Test flight of HANSA-3 II

A Decade of Flosolver

Minister's Press Conference 
Dr Joshi announced his support for NAL's SARAS multirole aircraft

Himalayan Experience
A first person account from a mountaineering training camp 

Golden Memoirs 


Major events at NAL

Archive of NAL Outstanding performance award winners

Flip album

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Rockets in Mysore and Britain, 1750-1850 A.D.
Professor Roddam Narasimha's 1985 lecture on the curious history of rockets

Archives of Professor Roddam Narasimha's Lectures

The Narasimha Years

The Nilakantan Papers 
A compelling account of the 
career of NAL's first Director

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NAL Nursery school Function archives
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Karnataka Rajyothsava Function Archives
G Prathap's columns
Reflections on science & technology, policies and philosophy

P N Shankar's columns
Articles and reviews on science, technology, philosophy or anything else

Women in sky-blue: An engineer's experience

Ms R Swarnalatha

NAL Awards

The SARAS inaugural flight | SARAS PT2 maiden flight | Joy of Digital Video Compression

SARAS-2010 | HANSA-2010 | NM5
SARAS brochure | HANSA brochure | FMCD brochure | NAL showcase | Saga of SARAS |

Flight Mechanics and Control Divsion- Multi Sensor Data Fusion, Modelling and Identification

NAL showcase

History of NAL

Glimpses of Flora and Fauna...

Suvarna Sadhana

CSIR-NAL A pioneer in Indian Aerospace Research