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CSIR - National Aerospace Laboratories
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Welcome to the Web site of National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL).

Mr Shyam Chetty
Director, NAL

When NAL was established in 1959 (it was called National Aeronautical Laboratory till early 1993) its prime aims were to conduct front ranking research and development in the field of aeronautics and to build up a strong facility base that can be used for national aerospace programmes. Half a decade later, we note with pride that NAL has amply fulfilled this expectation.

Actually, NAL has done much more. We have played a key role in shaping the aerospace policies and programmes of India and in promoting a vibrant civil aeronautics industry. In the years to come, I see this national involvement growing even more.

The seed  sown by Dr P Nilakantan, the first Director of NAL, five decades ago in the fertile soil of CSIR  has grown to be a giant tree, nurtured by hundreds of scientists, ably supported by technical, administrative  and services personnel, and groomed by caring , committed and capable directors. This is a tree with a difference though; a tree which yields not one, but several varieties of fruits – technologies, products , processes, systems and vehicles, all of the aerospace kind! Those who have rested under  its shade, those who have tasted its fruits, are growing in number and they always, invariably come back for more!

The National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), a conglomerate of specialist technical divisions, recently listed as “ one of India’s finest institutions that make the nation work”, is an institution that creates, supports, serves, and builds new and cutting edge technologies. NAL supports advanced R&D through its unique, state-of-the-art facilities, serves major national aerospace programmes with its varied, well recognised expertise, and builds small new civil aircraft. This makes NAL very special and unique institution.

I therefore request you to spend a few minutes browsing through this site. I also invite to you visit this site at least once in two weeks so that we can share the exciting events unfolding at NAL with you. It will be my pleasure to personally receive your queries and suggestions and I shall endeavour to give you a quick and positive reply.


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