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 Fairing Separation Studies using CFD at ground test conditions

Design of fuel tank for a generic fighter aircraft constrained by its influence on neighboring store


CFD investigation of longitudinal characteristics of a compound delta wing fighter aircraft in Transonic regimes

Ground Effects from CFD and Flight Test for a generic fighter aircraft

CFD studies with nose chine and fuselage strake on a generic fighter aircraft

A Critical Comparison of RANS, LES, Hybrid LES/RANS and DNS Studies of the Flow Past a Low Pressure Turbine Blade in a Cascade

A DNS Study of a Transient Diabatic Plume as a Model for a Cumulus Cloud

Spectral Analysis of Higher-Order Multilevel Method

Method of Kinetic Streamlined-Upwinding and its Variant for Ideal Magnetohydrodynamics

A Novel Kinetic Solver for Continuum and Rarefied Flow

Heterogeneously parallelized solver for DNS of compressible turbulence using GKM

Aerobraking of reentry flight vehicle using Magnetohydrodynamics

Numerical simulation of missile jet deflector

Numerical Investigation on the Effect of Jet Interaction on Aerodynamics of a Launch Vehicle

Transonic aerodynamic characteristics of a typical rocket model with bulbous payload in accelerated flow

Magnetohydrodynamic flow control of hypersonic blunt body flowfield involving real gas effects

Intake Performance Studies for a Generic Fighter Aircraft Configuration

Simulation of flow past an airship using Partially-averaged Navier Stokes

Parallel 3D UGKS for simulation of Continuum and Rarefied flows

Numerical Study on Mixing Phenomena in Supersonic Flows with Slot Injection

Time Domain Flutter Analysis of the AGARD 445.6 Wing

Computational Study of Flame Acceleration in Obstacle Laden Channel: Effect of Obstacle Shape and Spacing

Numerical Investigation of Insect-sized Flapping Wings in Inclined stroke plane under the influence of Frontal Gust

Computational study of aerodynamic interference flowfield at high speeds

Application of numerical lifting line theory for swept wings with different aspect ratios


Thermal Analysis Of Corrugated Afterburner Liner With Upstream Screech Hole Coolant Injection

Design and Analysis of Exhuast Diffuser of a Gas Turbine Afterburner using CFD

Computational Analysis for Drag Reduction Using FishBAC Morphing Concept

Triggering Vortex Shedding over a Circular Cylinder using Wall Boundary Condition Perturbation

Experimental and Numerical investigation of Heat Transfer Characteristics of Circular Jet Impinging on a Flat Plate

Examining the Effect of Blunt Leading Edge in Alteration of Flow Separation using Non-Equilibrium Flow Solver

Computational Analysis on the Performance of Cambered Airfoils at Transitional Low Reynolds Numbers

Design and Analysis of Fuel Injection System in a Gas Turbine Afterburner using CFD

Adiabatic Film Cooling Analysis over Cylindrical and Laidback Fan Shaped Hole Flat Plate Models

Optimization using Meshless Methods with Automatic Point Generation

Optimization of Trapped Vortex Cavity for Airfoil Separation Control

Parametric optimization for aerodynamic design of a high subsonic / transonic wing

Aerodynamic shape optimization of a low speed aerofoil through novel parameterization techniques

Computation of flow over Delta Wing with fuselage using SU2

Validation of 3D Unstructured Grid Based Euler Solver Developed Using Common Framework For RAE Wing-Body Configuration

Fluid Dynamic Interaction of Tip Leakage and Secondary Flow in a Low Aspect Ratio Transonic Axial Compressor Stage

A Sharp-Interface Immersed Boundary Method for High-Speed Compressible flows

Numerical Analysis of Self Activating Flap for Separation Control on Airfoils

Open loop control of cavity flows using reduced order Models

Aft-body optimization of a Generic Fighter Aircraft for Supersonic Drag reduction

Development of a General Purpose CFD Code: 'Unified CFD Solver' for Aerospace Applications

Aerodynamic interference effect on a winged body due to supersonic lateral jet in hypersonic flow 

Large Eddy Simulation of Lab-Scale Trapped Vortex Combustor

Simulation of High Enthalpy Flows without Riemann Problem Solvers

Mixed Convection Heat Transfer in Electrically Conductive Fluids

Parameteric study of the Performance of two-dimensional Scramjet Intake

Exhaust Jet Analysis during Booster Tail-off at Various Operating Temperatures

A two-dimensional hybrid transform for analysis of scale interactions in the atmosphere

Simulations of ow past multiple high-rise buildings using OpenFOAM

An improved clear-air turbulence index using a non-local approach

Implementation of Asynchronous Scheme on Parallel Frameworks using MPI

Numerical Analysis of Pulse Detonation Engine with Shchelkin Spiral Geometry for its Effects of Pre- Detonation Chamber Properties with Varying Mass Flow Rates Using Hydrogen/Air Mixture

Performance Characteristics of the Supersonic Nozzle of a 10 N class Pulsed Microthruster employed for Satellite Orbital Corrections

Role Of Stator Orientation In Single Stage Axial Flow Compressor

Numerical Simulation Of The Liquid Flow In A Pulsed Fuel Injection System For Triggering Combustion, Instabilities In A Developmental Aero-Gas Turbine Afterburner

Numerical and experimental studies of launch vehicle local aerodynamics with boundary layer trip

Numerical study on porous medium for cooling